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Cris Cyborg used to walk around at 185, approaching UFC 219 at 170

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Every time Cris Cyborg fights, her ability or inability to make the allotted weight for the contest is always put under the microscope.

On Thursday’s UFC 219 conference call, the Brazilian claimed that she foresees no such problem this time around having continued her training regiment following her title win over Tonya Evinger at UFC 214.

Cyborg cited her work with Rob Emerson as another reason why her weight management is on point in the lead up to her first featherweight title defense against Holly Holm.

“You know, my weight is really good now,” said Cyborg on Thursday’s UFC 219 conference call.

“I’m really happy about it. After my last fight in July, I kept training. I went to Thailand, and even though I was on vacation, I went training every day.

“I’ve been watching my diet so I won’t have such a hard time making 145. I’m really happy. I’ve been working with Rob Emerson and he has helped me in all of my other cuts to 145.”

Cyborg went on to reveal that she used to walk around as high as 185 before going into camp. This time around the champion is at 170 and insisted that she has her weight under control.

“I’m really lighter than before. You know, before I used to walk around at 180 or 185 and now I’m walking around at 170. It’s very different than it was before when I was heavy. I’m getting to work more and more and getting light, but I really have to be on top of my weight now.”