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Fighter threatens lawsuit against ‘ruthless’ PFL for mistreatment, exec Ray Sefo fires back

Ray Sefo, WSOF

There has been little news lately about the Professional Fighter League’s firm plans for 2018. On Wednesday, one of the promotion’s fighters called out the PFL for allegedly stringing him along and then releasing him with fights still remaining on his contract.

Bruce Boyington, who fought for PFL’s previous incarnation, World Series of Fighting, wrote on social media that he turned down other opportunities waiting for PFL’s first season to begin and he was told Wednesday that the promotion’s lightweight division had been trimmed to 12 fighters and he did not make the cut. Boyington said he will be suing the PFL over the issue.

“Been Blown away by actions of Professional Fight League and President Ray Sefo who are most inconsiderate and ruthless people I've met,” Boyington wrote on Facebook.

Earlier this year, it was announced that WSOF would be no more and in its place would be the PFL. The idea for the Professional Fighters League was a merit-based, true sport system of title contendership — a regular season and playoff format much like other pro sports. The winner of each division every season would earn $1 million. A regular salary for fighters — not just getting paid for fights — was also mentioned.

Boyington (14-11) wrote that he signed a four-fight deal with WSOF, got only one fight since signing a new contract in August 2016 and was told he’d be involved with PFL —a monthly salary and chance at $1 million and all. The first PFL season was originally slated to begin in January 2018, but has been pushed back to later in the year.

“So I've been waiting this whole time passing up all kinds of good offers and then the time is just about here and he calls me up to tell me they had to downgrade to 12 fighters a division and I didn't make the cut so I don't know what happened to my contract in the three fights remaining on it,” Boyington wrote.

After Boyington blasted PFL and Sefo on social media, Sefo responded on Twitter. He told Boyington to “stop making yourself look like an ass” and explained that Boyington’s 14-11 record was not good enough to make top 12 that will be used for the division.

Boyington has lost three straight since beating Saul Almedia at WSOF 31 in June 2016. Most recently, he lost by second-round submission to Nate Andrews at CES 45 in August. Boyington, a native of Maine, had been on a five-fight winning streak prior to this skid.

“I'm not 21 anymore but now here I am in this position and I am pissed that they do shit like that to fighters trying to capture dreams they just wasted,” Boyington wrote. “One of the most important part of my career he didn't even do it with dignity.”

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