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TUF 26 Finale live blog: Nicco Montano vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Nicco Montano and Roxanne Modafferi
Nicco Montano and Roxanne Modafferi clash in the TUF 26 Finale main event Friday.
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This is the TUF 26 Finale live blog for Nicco Montano vs. Roxanne Modafferi, a flyweight championship bout at Friday night's UFC event at Park Theater in Las Vegas.

Nicco Montano and Roxanne Modafferi will square off for the TUF title and the UFC flyweight championship in the main event.

Check out the TUF 26 Finale live blog below.

Round 1: A lot on the line here. The winner of this bout will be the first women UFC flyweight champion. The man in charge of overseeing this fight is John McCarthy. And they don’t touch gloves. Modafferi immediately takes the center of the cage. Nice left leg kick by Modafferi. Montano fires back with a solid combo. Another leg kick lands for Modafferi. Very fast start to this bout. Montano now begining to land leg kicks too. Montano clinches with Modafferi, tries to look for a takedown, but fails. Oh Montano gets the fight to the ground. Modafferi looking to set up armbard from guard, keeps an upen guard. Despite being on bottom, Modafferi is threatening the most here. Montano gets back up and lets Modafferi up on her feet. Modafferi now with a takedown, and imediately gets side control. Modafferi attempts crucifix but fails. The bell rings immediately after.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Modafferi.

Round 2: Modafferi comes out firing. Big right hand by Modafferi. Whoa! Modafferi now overwhelming Montano. Montano seems to have recovered. Good leg kick by Montano. They’re both swinging at each other but nothing significant lands. Nice one-two by Modafferi. Big right hand by Modafferi. “The Happy Warrior” with relentless pressure keeps backing up Montano. Solid right hook by Montano followed by a nice jab. Montano witha big body kick now. Momentum seems to be shifting a but here. Montano attempts a takedown but gets reversed by Modafferi. Modafferi is on top but gets caughtina triangle. Twenty seconds left. Montano landing elbows from bottom. The bell rings, very close round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-10. Overall 20-19, Modafferi.

Round 3: Modafferi again with the pressure, pushing Montano backwards. This is a very high paced fight. Good left by Montano. Another one. Montano getting the better of the striking exchanges at the moment. We’re half way though the round. Modafferi with a nice jab. Solid one-two lands by Modafferi. Montano doing most of the pressuring now. Modafferi might be looking a bit tired here, but she’s still going. Montano clinches Modafferi against the cage in the last few seconds of the round. The bell rings.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Montano. Overall, 29-29.

Round 4: And Montano comes out firing. Solid jab lands by Montano. Montano keeps landing that jab, seems to have Modafferi’s timing down. Modafferi gets pressured against the cage by Montano. Solid throw by Montano to get the fight to the ground. Modafferi gets back up though and the fight resumes on the feet. Modafferi trying to get something going on the feet, but nothing is really landing. Two minutes left. Modafferi now clinching Montano against the cage. Solid control by Modafferi. They break away. One minute left. Modafferi tags Montano with a big combo. Montano looks to get the fight to the ground and does. Montano working from top half-guard, lanidng ground-and-pound. Modafferi gets back up but the bell rings seconds after.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Montano. Overall 39-38, Montano.

Round 5: Very close fight here. Modafferi with a nice right hand. Nice body kick by Modafferi. Montano scores a double leg takedown. Montano now in Modafferi’s half guard. They scramble briefly and Montano lets Modafferi back up. They’re on their feet for a few seconds and Montano brings the fight back to the ground with a takedown. Modafferi gets back on her feet and clinches Montano up against the cage. They break away. Nice body kick by Modafferi. Two minutes left, brutal pace. Modafferi attempts a throw but ends up on bottom. Modafferi now working for submissions from the guard. One minute left. Montano just looking to stay out of trouble. Modafferi lock an arm-bar. It looks tight. And Montano slips out! They’re back up and they brawl it out until the end of the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Montano. Overall 49-47, Montano.

Official result: Nicco Montaño def. Roxanne Modafferi via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)

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