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Darren Till still open to Mike Perry fight, sets sights on Wonderboy for UFC London

Ahead of Mike Perry’s loss to Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC on FOX 26 last weekend, Darren Till suggested that “Platinum” would need a win to secure a matchup against him.

Despite Perry coming out of the fight on the wrong end of a decision to the Argentinian, Till says he is still open to fighting Perry, but doubts the bout will happen.

“I’m still up for the fight, but he’s coming off a loss so obviously, to everyone and the UFC, it doesn’t make much sense,” he told Ariel Helwani on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

“As I’ve said in the past, I don’t really care about rankings, so I’m not one to say, ‘just because he’s coming off a loss let’s not fight’.

“I’m still game to fight him, but obviously it’s not really smart matchmaking now because I’m coming off a win and he’s coming off a loss.”

The Liverpudlian said he was hoping Perry would win the fight and was disappointed that he didn’t have his hand raised.

“Yeah, I wanted Perry to win, yeah,” he said.

“I was (disappointed), but you never know, the UFC could match me against Santiago. He’s a really good fighter, but I do have to say I was pulling for Perry.”

When asked whom he would choose to fight at UFC London, Till pointed to Kamaru Usman and Stephen Thompson. He conceded that Usman’s upcoming bout with Emil Meek would likely rule “The Nigerian Nightmare” out of contention.

“Maybe Usman or Wonderboy, but I know Usman has a fight so maybe he’s out of the question,” said Till. “So maybe Wonderboy, then maybe one more and then a title shot and that’s me – champion.”

Although he pointed to “Wonderboy” as his dream opponent, he doesn’t think the matchup will be made.

“No, his Daddy won’t let him,” he replied when asked if he thought the Thompson fight would be scheduled.

“I don’t know (why Thompson won’t take the fight). Maybe I have jumped a few spots, but so what? If I am whatever (they say I am), why won’t he just fight me and knock me off my perch? If they think I don’t deserve it then come and show me that I don’t deserve it because I know I do.

“He’s looking for the title again, but he’s been beat twice. Now he’s moved onto RDA. He knows he’s going to beat RDA because I feel Wonderboy could really hurt RDA.

“Me and him could make a great fight – I’ve got a chin and he’s got a chin. I know I can knock him out. I know for a fact that I could knock him out if I fought him.”

Till claimed that a fight with Thompson would allow him to prove that he is the most superior striker in the UFC.

“It’s because he’s a world-class striker. That’s why ( I want to fight him). His striking ability is so good. I know with me coming from a Muay Thai background and him coming from karate, I can nullify everything he’s does and prove that I am the most superior striker in all the UFC. I know that.”

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