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Video: Brett Johns scores second calf slicer submission in UFC history

Somehow, Brett Johns improving to 15-0 was not the most impressive thing about his latest win.

The 25-year-old Welshman kicked off the main card of The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale by tying up bantamweight veteran Joe Soto and scoring a 30-second calf slicer submission, just the second time that leg lock has successfully been pulled off inside the Octagon (Charles Oliveira won with a calf slicer against Eric Wisely back in January 2012).

A strong grappler himself, Soto went for a takedown early in Round 1 and Johns reacted by immediately attacking Soto’s leg. The two fell into a confusing tangle and soon Soto would be forced to tap out to the pressure being put on his captured limb.

Watch the rare submission being executed in the video above.

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