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Paulo Costa vows to 'erase' Derek Brunson: 'I will make you famous in my score of knockouts'

Paulo Costa vows to knock Derek Brunson in the UFC.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Derek Brunson has thrown some shots at Paulo Costa since he was called out by the Brazilian middleweight at UFC 217, but “The Eraser” doesn’t think he has the guts to step in and actually fight him.

Costa asked for a fight with Brunson after knocking out Johny Hendricks at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 4, improving to 11-0 in MMA with 11 finishes. Brunson called him a “fraud" on Twitter, posting an old picture of Costa from his TUF Brazil days in 2014.

"I was tested 15 times after I came to the UFC, just last month four times, so when you don’t have anything else to say you make up excuses,” Costa told Ariel Helwani on Thursday’s special edition of The MMA Hour. "This is what Derek Brunson [is] saying now."

Costa says he’s insulted by Brunson’s comments, but doesn’t believe fans will see differently because “people won’t pay attention to the bunch of crap” Brunson is saying on social media and interviews.

"I fight clean,” Costa said. "It’s crazy because USADA is here for everybody. Everybody is tested. Derek Brunson talks a lot of sh*t about me but he (won’t fight) because he has fear, he’s scared. He don’t want to fight against me, so he creates excuses. ‘Ah, you don’t fight clean,’ but I have my tests with USADA. I called UFC Brazil to send me all my tests and put on my social media. I have more than 15 tests."

Costa is now ranked at No. 15 in the middleweight division after three knockout wins in the UFC, and makes a bold prediction after explaining why he wants to fight Brunson, who finished Lyoto Machida a week before in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"Because he’s No. 7 and he’s a wrestler too — but his wrestling is not so good like Johny Hendricks —, and Derek Brunson likes to fight standing up, and me too,” he said. "I have no (doubt) I can erase him too. I can. Derek Brunson, I can erase you, but I will not erase you completely because I will make you famous in my score of knockouts."

In the end, “The Eraser” doesn’t know if Brunson will actually agree to fight him in the Octagon, but that’s the fight he wants in order to move up in the middleweight ranking and become a title contender in the near future.

"I’m ready to fight against Derek Brunson (or) against a top 10 fighter, but I’d like to fight against him,” said Costa, who hopes to come back by March 2018. "Now my name is in the top 15. I think one more fight to go to top 10, and one more fight to go top 5, and top 5 I can go to title shot. Two or three fights."

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