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Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr. is already bored of being called out

Kevin Ferguson Jr.

Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. makes his third appearance under the Bellator banner on Friday night in Dublin when he takes on fledgling pro Fred Freeman, but a lot of Irish fans expected him to face off against unbeaten welterweight Kiefer Crosbie at Bellator 187.

Crosbie has been campaigning for a bout against Ferguson Jr. for the last few months and his pursuit of the fight has gained a lot of momentum on the regional scene.

Son to iconic street brawler-turned-MMA fighter, Kimbo Slice, “Baby Slice” says he has had to get used to being called out all too quickly, just two fights deep in his professional career.

“I get it a lot, to be honest with you,” Ferguson Jr. told “The reality is, these call outs do nothing for me, so why should I feed into it?

“It’s not my style to call someone out or to respond to someone calling me out. If the fight happens, it happens. I’m in this sport because I love it. This is my passion and I like to respect it.

“I know that calling people out is something that happens a lot in the fight game, but I guess I don’t really do it. It’s not really my thing. I don’t even trash talk. I don’t even know how too, but I know how to fight – that’s what I know how to do.”

“Baby Slice” claims that he has been dealing with people trying to get one over on him since his high school days because of his father’s notoriety.

“Even in high school when I played football, if a guy tackled me he would be all in my face like, ‘What’s up now? I just tackled you!’

“Then when I wrestled in high school, if a guy managed to get me down he would be really excited with it. I could never understand it,” he said.

“With the fight game, I guess people know all about my Dad and they see me as a way to get their name out there. I understand that now.”

Although he has grown tried of being on the end of endless callouts, he believes those who are courting a date with him would respect his skillset if they ever did get a chance to fight him.

“Honestly, it’s nearly every day. At this stage it’s like, ‘here’s another guy, oh cool’, you know? It means nothing to me,” he repeated.

“Let’s be honest, it’s easy to call somebody out. When these guys stand in front of me it’s a different story. If we were to fight people would understand that I’ve got skills and then they wouldn’t be so eager to call me out.

“It’s the same as it was when I was on the football field. They called me out and then when I made contact it’s a completely different story. I earn their respect.”

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