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Conor McGregor scoffs at Irish gangland reports: ‘Come and get me’

Conor McGregor scoffed at speculation that he had left Ireland due to his life being in jeopardy after appearing at Blanchardstown District Court, Dublin on Thursday afternoon.

McGregor pleaded guilty to a speeding charge and was fined €400 after being recorded driving above the speed limit early this year.

After exiting the courthouse, McGregor took a shot at social media speculation that he had fled to Lanzarote due to trouble he has allegedly encountered with an Irish criminal faction.

“It’s all bollocks,” McGregor said as he left the courthouse and approached waiting photographers. “I thought I was in bleedin’ Lanzarote?”

In a video tweeted by Irish national broadcaster, RTE, the UFC lightweight champion directly responded to numerous national reports that claimed he was in trouble with notorious Irish gangland family, the Kinahan cartel, after he allegedly struck a senior member’s father on Sunday night at a Dublin pub.

“Conor, any reaction to the threats on your life?” a media member asked as he closed the door on his car.

“Come and get me,” McGregor replied, as he left the premises.

Inside the courthouse, McGregor claimed that he had tried to pay the fine initially, but the transaction did not go through. He also claimed that he made €140 million for his August showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

According to an RTE report, the judge specifically asked the UFC champion how much he earned for his boxing debut.

“It may seem a stupid question but please do not tell me you made €110 million in a day,” queried Judge Miriam Walsh.

McGregor answered: “140 million.”

Later, McGregor cited infamous Irish gangland figure, Martin "The General" Cahill, in an Instagram post featuring an image of him leaving the courthouse.

Earlier on Thursday, McGregor’s father, Tony McGregor claimed that the reports regarding McGregor’s life being at risk were “nonsense” and that the family had “nothing to fear.”

“It’s grown legs and it’s getting that ridiculous – it’s become funny,” he told The Irish Mirror. “We have nothing to fear here whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything.

He continued: “As a matter of fact, right now I’m going out to buy my TV license. I’d view 95% of that story as nonsense and the other 5% is overly exaggerated. And that’s it.”

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