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Live Chat: UFC 218 preview, Conor McGregor rumors, TUF 26 Finale

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This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat.

Today on the program, we'll look ahead to this weekend's combat sports crown jewel event, UFC 218. There are a number of events - EBI, Bellator, UFC, GLORY - worth paying attention to, but the best of the bunch is easily this one. Does Jose Aldo really have a chance to defeat Max Holloway? Will Francis Ngannou earn a title shot with a win over Alistair Overeem? What is the sleeper fight of the card? We'll get into all of it.

Plus, Conor McGregor is making (sort of) news over in Ireland with alleged bar fighting incidents in Dublin. On top of that, UFC President Dana White remains unconvinced he'll definitively fight again. Can that really be true? We'll look into it.

And the UFC is going to crown a new champion on Friday, which doesn't seem to be getting all that much attention despite being historically important. Why is that? We'll explore.

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There's a lot going on, so join me today to discuss all of this and more. In terms of today's chat, anything is up for discussion, but I will lead with this and it all kicks off at a special time of 1 p.m. ET.

As is customary, I'll post the video window here as the event draws near and I'll answer any questions you may have if you post them in the comments section below. Be sure that you click the 'rec' button for those comments/questions you believe most deserve a response.

Be sure to link this page and use the hashtag #chatwrappers on Twitter or even Facebook when you're watching this to let everyone know you're taking part in this activity of ours.

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