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Holly Holm explains why she changed her walkout music

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There was something a little different about Holly Holm’s walkout last time we saw her fight.

Gone was the song for which she entered the arena for her most famous mixed martial arts contests, including her UFC 193 knockout of Ronda Rousey: The Celtic song “The Landlord’s Walk” by Blair Douglas.

Instead, Holm walked out to her UFC Singapore fight against Bethe Correia to the sounds of a song familiar to anyone who’s ever tuned into a classic rock FM station: the Led Zeppelin classic “Black Dog.”

So why the sudden change? Holm explained on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour that after losing three consecutive fights, a shakeup was in order.

“I guess 2016 was kind of just a rough go of a year,” Holm said. “And I had three losses and I thought, you know, my dad goes ‘maybe you should just get a whole different [song].’ not that a song makes a difference, but let’s just have a new start, a new beginning. ... Why not just pick a new walkout song and get a different thing going here?”

As Holm went about selecting her new tune, she reflected on the fact that much of her family was not going to be able to make it halfway around the world to Singapore Indoor Stadium for the bout, so she wanted to pick a song which would remind her of home and family.

That’s where Led Zeppelin came in -- a band she and her brother listened to quite a bit growing up.

“I started thinking, it was the first fight that both of my brothers haven’t been at in a long time and they’ve always been my biggest fan since I was young,” Holm said. “We always used to listen to Led Zeppelin on the way to school, Zeppelin or The Beastie Boys. So I thought you know what, I’m going to listen to some Led Zeppelin. It was the song we listened to to get pumped up and go out and basically make a mess of things and cause some trouble.”

Holm sent the UFC a request to change her music, sending along two Zeppelin songs and telling them to pick one. But she didn’t know what was going to air until she actually made the walk.

“I didn’t know if they were going to change it, if it was going to be the old or or the new one, and if it was going to be a new one, which one it was going to be? And so then when it started playing it was one of the Led’s Zeppelin ones I asked for, so I’m like, oh, let’s go.”

The night ended well for Holm, as she got back into the win column with a picture-perfect head-kick knockout in the third round of the Correia fight.

But Holm has yet to decide if “Black Dog” will stay for her UFC 219 featherweight title fight with Cris Cyborg, or weather “The Landlord’s Walk” will make its return.

“I’m not sure what it will be for my next fight,” Holm said. “Maybe it will be the old one or maybe I won’t.”