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Shooto Brazil adopts new weight classes, will crown super lightweight champion

Felipe Douglas (pictured) will fight for the inaugural super lightweight title.
Felipe Fiorito

The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) has approved the addition of four new weight classes to mixed martial arts, and Shooto Brazil has decided to adopt the new divisions.

Shooto Brazil will host its 78th event Sunday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the fight card will be headlined by the first super lightweight (165 pounds) title bout in the promotion’s history, featuring Felipe Douglas (13-3) and Carlos Silva (10-1).

"I only see benefits,” Shooto Brazil president Andre Pederneiras stated in a release. "In addition to athlete’s health concerns and the reduction of weight cutting, we also give more chances for new champions to emerge.

"We hardly have any athletes who don’t fit into any weight class now, and we stop with the catchweights. The more divisions the better, we had no doubts to implement this in Shooto because it certainly is something that only brings good things."

The three other weight classes approved by ABC — and adopted by Shooto Brazil — are super welterweight (175 pounds), super middleweight (195 pounds) and cruiserweight (225 pounds). There are no bouts scheduled at Shooto Brazil 78 in those new weight classes.

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