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Morning Report: Urijah Faber responds to Justin Buchholz saying he’s no longer head coach of Team Alpha Male

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Earlier this week, Team Alpha Male coach Justin Buchholz announced that he had been ousted as head coach of the Sacramento based MMA gym, and would instead be moved into a role as the lead Muay Thai coach. The announcement was surprising as Buchholz stewarded one of the most successful runs in the gym’s history over the past two years, highlighted by Cody Garbrandt claiming the UFC bantamweight title at UFC 207.

But apparently, Buchholz’s claims may not be true.

Speaking with the Slip ‘n Dip podcast recently, Urijah Faber discussed what happened with Buchholz, saying that it was Buchholz who approached him about moving into a more Muay Thai role and that he would still be happy with Buchholz as the lead coach of the gym.

“Honestly it hasn’t been much of a change. I think that’s more of a personal viewpoint of Buchholz. What we have been able to do is hire more coaches and thank goodness for Mountain Lion Aviation. It’s been awesome having them support us and we brought more guys on, Chris Holdsworth, Danny Castillo, coach Joey Rodriguez, myself, and the existing coaches Fabio Prado and Justin Buchholz.

“I think Justin is maybe having a little trouble with having more guys in on practice, etc. It was kinda his idea for him to step into more of a kickboxing role. I’d love for him to be as a head coach. There’s a lot of guys that he will be a lead coach for and there’s a lot of guys that won’t have him as a lead coach. So it’s not necessarily like a shaking up, everything is pretty much the same.”

Buchholz previously said that the shakeup occurred while he was in Alaska for his first professional fight in two years. Buchholz said that when he came back, the system he implemented at the gym had been changed, he had been relegated to one of five head coaches, and that he no longer ran the MMA practices at the gym. But Faber suggests that the increase in coaching staffing is merely a byproduct of the success and growth of the gym and that head coach is still a position for Buchholz if that’s what he wants.

“He did take off to Alaska and was kinda on his time period for that. He took off and actually took a fight and came back and things were actually going smoothly. It’s business as usual for us though. We have like 5-6 coaches in each practice. We have, I don’t know how many guys we have fighting in the UFC now, but from Sage Northcutt, Cynthia Calvillo, we just got a bunch of new guys coming in from all over the globe. It’s a time when we need a lot of hands on deck.”

“He can call himself whatever he wants. Head coach is still a position for him but he’s thinking more of a kickboxing role for himself.”

This distraction is coming at an inopportune time for Faber as this weekend, Garbrandt will be defending his belt against the man who brought Team Alpha Male their first UFC belt, T.J. Dillashaw. Dillashaw is coached by Duane Ludwig, another former head coach of Team Alpha Male who had a falling out with Faber. Perhaps in light of all this, Faber says that he and Buchholz will sit down and hash it all out after this weekend is over.

“Yeah it’s a little weird. I’ll talk to him after this fight week and see what’s going with his head, but it is what it is. We’re firing on all cylinders and it’s been amazing time for Cody and the whole team.”


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Lyoto makes a statement that’s all class.

Quero agradecer todo apoio e suporte que tenho recebido dos meus fãs! Estou em casa, com minha família, recuperando do resultado que não veio, mas com a sensação de dever cumprido, pois qualquer um poderia ter desistido da ideia de ficar quase 2 anos afastado do esporte e em seguida voltar para o campo de batalha. A maior derrota seria desistir de um sonho que já me consagrou. Uma derrota maior seria te inspirar a não seguir adiante quando tudo o que você precisa fazer é levantar a cabeça e partir para cima. Então, agradeço a todas as mensagens de carinho e de força. Dizer que sim, o Dragão voltou e que desistir nunca será uma opção! No dia em que eu decidi que não iria parar de lutar eu quis mostrar para você que, independente das dificuldades da vida, ou você é um lutador, ou um desistente. Perder ou ganhar não é o que define um homem em sua essência, mas sim a sua jornada por aquilo que acredita e se dedica. Mais uma vez, obrigado por estar do meu lado. Conto sempre com sua torcida e saiba que estou sempre torcendo por você também. // I would like to thank all the support I've received from my fans! I'm home, with my family, recovering from a result that didn't come, but with a sense of achievement, since anyone could have given up the idea of returning to the battlefield after almost 2 years away from the sports. My biggest loss would be giving up the dream that once was my blessing. An even bigger loss would be inspiring you not to go ahead when all you need to do is to keep your head up and go on. Thus, I thank you all for the messages full of affection and strength. Saying that the Dragon is back and then giving up will never be an option! The day I decided I wouldn't stop fighting, I wanted to show you that, regardless of all the hardship of life, you are either a figher or a quitter. What defines a man in his essence is not losing or winning, but his journey for what he believes. Once more, thank you for being by my side. I will always count on your support, and know that I will be supporting you back.

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Conor got on Desus & Mero.

First person.


Sounds like we could be in for the Buffer 360.

Saunders expands on his beef with Covington.

For the record my issues with Colby is not about his comments towards Brazil though awful, he claims what he said was a Promo and then he ran for his life, I get it. In his eyes it was just business and a game he is playing, nothing more, or so he claims. I guess I understand that with the way things have been going these days, Conor made everyone think that you have to sell fights the way he does, and to get attention, so again I understand what Colby was trying to do. Even if he is terrible at it. He does have people talking and is going the heel approach. But to come out and try and defame Ricardo Liborio, the man that basically created the gym Colby trains out of , as Dan Lambert alone would not have been able to form ATT without Libo, or at least in the same time frame and era in which ATT was formed. None the less if your gonna talk shit and try to defame one of my mentors growing up and throughout my career, and attack a Legend in the sport who also happens to be the man that gave me my black belt, I ain't about that. He can make a formal apology to Libo and his family for the comments he made, as those comments may also have been made to just be a dumb game of words Colby is playing to keep his WWE style persona intact. If he doesn't really mean the comments then he can take them back. As mistakes happen. But if he wants to stand by his statements well then luckily enough for me he fights in the same organization and same weight class as me. I am just letting it be known if the opportunity arises that I would jump on this fight in a heart beat. As styles make fights and my style would smash Colby's fucking face in and I would finger paint with his blood. Those who actually know me, and or been following my career closely know my skill set and know this is very possible. If you are not directly connected, I don't expect you to understand. My comments are not some lame ass Promo. I am truly offended by what he said about someone I respect. I am old school and a true Martial artist, who believes in respect, honor, and loyalty. This isn't about stupid social media feuds, and trying to sell a fight. I hate bullies and ignorant people with no remorse.

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Bones is back.

Is he. . . is he dead?






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This entire TAM situation is really odd. With Buchholz as the established head coach, they did really well so I’m not sure why they’d start messing with the formula. I imagine more will come out in the near future.

82% of you think Joanna Champion retains her belt, and I can’t say I’m surprised. I think today’s poll will probably be a lot closer though.

That’s all for today folks, see y’all tomorrow.



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