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Anderson Silva releases new statement on USADA case

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Anderson Silva (GC)

Former longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has made a statement regarding his current USADA situation.

Silva, who was pulled from his UFC Shanghai main event against Kelvin Gastelum due to the results of an out-of-competition USADA test administered on Oct. 26, released a statement in a pair of Twitter posts in Portuguese and English on Thursday stating that his “medical team is working very closely with USADA” to determine the reason for his apparent positive test result.

Silva, who was previously suspended a year due to the failure an in-competition test by the Nevada Athletic Commission related to his UFC 183 fight with Nick Diaz, is provisionally suspended pending a hearing.

He was replaced in the UFC Shanghai main event by former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

You can read Silva’s statement below: