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UFC 216 live blog: Demetrious Johnson vs. Ray Borg

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Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg
Demetrious Johnson could break a UFC record against Ray Borg in the UFC 216 co-main event Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 216 live blog for Demetrious Johnson vs. Ray Borg, a flyweight championship bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the T-Mobile, Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

In the evening’s co-main event, Johnson will look for his record-setting 11th consecutive UFC title defense when he takes on Borg, who has earned his shot with five wins in his past six fights.

Check out the UFC 216 live blog below.

Round 1: Leg kicks from Johnson to start off. The champ is happy to snipe at Borg with kicks to the leg and body. Borg tries to catch one, and Johnson scrambles onto his back, but Borg is able to get out. Another body kick by Johnson and again Borg catches the leg. He shoots in, Johnson spins out, Borg still holding onto the leg. They go down with Johnson on Borg’s back and he lands a few punches before he ends up in Borg’s half-guard against the fence. Johnson scoring points with ground-and-pound, staying patient. Elbow from the top by Johnson. “Mighty Mouse” steps over into side control, then ends the round in half guard.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson quickly gets Borg up against the cage to start the second round. Borg wants a guillotine, but Johnson removes his hand. Borg reverses position, changes levels, and gets a takedown. Johnson tries to get out, gets taken down again. Johnson stands and Borg takes the back, but Johnson gives a thumbs up. He shakes Borg off and whips around to end up in half guard again. Another scramble and Johnson is still all over Borg, landing punches from back control as Borg stands back up. They battle in the clinch and Johnson eventually shoots in to get another takedown. Johnson keeps Borg pinned against the cage and he pecks away with a knee to the body and shoulder thrusts. Johnson backs up and lets Borg hit nothing but air with upkicks.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Johnson. Overall 20-18, Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson is content to let Borg catch a kick and he’s on top once again. Borg scrambles, but can’t improve position or get Johnson off of him. Johnson drops down into side control. Borg defends against a crucifix, but that leaves him open to eat short punches from Johnson. Knees to the body from half guard by Johnson. Borg is active from bottom, but Johnson stays glued to him in side control. An attempt to scramble ends with Johnson in full mount. Borg gives up his back. Another scramble and Johnson ends up in half guard again. They stand, there’s a brief exchange of strikes, and Johnson takes Borg down.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Johnson. Overall 30-27, Johnson.

Round 4: Borg opens the championship rounds with a big slam. Johnson keeping him at bay with butterfly guard. He’s back up. Borg sticks to a single leg and Johnson is on top of him again. Short punches and elbows from Johnson. He’s just controlling Borg from half guard. Three minutes to go, they’re back on the feet, Johnson landing strikes to Borg’s body during the transition. Johnson keeps hitting Borg with knees in the clinch. Mighty Mouse gets a body lock and rips Borg off of the cage to drop him hard on the mat. Side control for Johnson. He’s pitching a shutout.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Johnson. Overall 40-36, Johnson.

Round 5: Now it’s Johnson catching a Borg kick and slamming him down. He pins Borg against the cage once more and hits him with short punches and knees to the body. Borg gets back up using a single leg, but Johnson gets out. Another takedown for Johnson. Full mount for Johnson. Borg still working to scramble, but he can’t shake Johnson off of him. The champ is hanging on to Borg from behind. He goes for a suplex that Borg slips out of, but Johnson immediately transitions into an armbar while Borg is on his way down. Borg taps.

Official result: Demetrious Johnson def. Ray Borg via submission (armbar) at 3:15 of Round 5.