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Dana White: UFC could one day ‘bring boxing under our umbrella’

What, you thought they printed all those Zuffa Boxing shirts for nothing?

Dana White said in a recent video interview with the Wall Street Journal that there’s a possibility of the UFC one day promoting boxing. White was asked if he would ever leave the UFC for boxing and he said he’d been approached. But he seems to prefer the idea of staying where he is and still dabbling in boxing.

“I could see bringing boxing under our umbrella and trying to see what we could do with that,” White told Jason Gay on “The Unnamed Podvideocast.” “I could see doing that.”

During a stop on the promotional tour for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match in July, White was wearing a shirt that read “Zuffa Boxing.” The shirt, in different colors, was seen on White and other UFC personnel later on the tour and then again during Mayweather vs. McGregor fight week in August in Las Vegas. The UFC was an official co-promoter of the fight, along with Mayweather Promotions.

White, though, doesn’t seem to be on his way out of the UFC any time soon. He told the WSJ that promoting MMA is still his passion, even though his longtime partners the Fertitta brothers sold the UFC to WME-IMG last year for more than $4 billion.

“This is what I love to do,” White said. “I’m 48 years old. This is what I jump out of bed every day and I love doing. I love working with [WME-IMG co-CEO] Ari [Emanuel]. Ari and I actually get along really, really well. And then his other partner Patrick [Whitesell] is the nicest guy in the world. I couldn’t be in a better position. I couldn’t be doing it with better people. I’m good.”

White said he did sign a contract to stay on with the UFC following the sale, but that is not what is keeping him there.

“What people don’t understand is first of all, I’m still an owner,” White said. “I still have an ownership position in the UFC. And yeah, I signed a contract, but no contract can keep you anywhere. I could leave tomorrow if I wanted to. I obviously couldn’t go work for somebody else, but I could leave when I want to leave. I don’t want to leave.”

White’s post-UFC future, when and if it ever comes up, remains unclear. He said he would not be interested in doing anything in politics. But there is one passion he said he’d be interested in pursuing — lending a helping hand to the educational system in his longtime hometown.

“If I stopped doing this, one of the things that I would focus on is making education better in Las Vegas,” White said. “I would like to work on the schools and break down the system that’s in place now, because it’s a mess.”

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