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Norman Parke: ‘Steroid guy’ Mateusz Gamrot wouldn’t pass a USADA test

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Gallery Photo: UFC 162 Weigh-in Photos Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

A lot of Polish MMA fans believe that Mateusz Gamrot is the best lightweight outside of the UFC, but his opponent for this Sunday’s KSW 40, Norman Parke, doesn’t believe he would pass a USADA test.

The initial meeting between the two fighters was marred by controversy when Parke claimed that Gamrot had bitten him to escape a front headlock that he established from a sprawl in the second round. The Pole, on the other hand, claims that Parke was fish-hooking him.

As far as Parke is concerned, if Gamrot would have been deducted a point for the alleged bite, the fight would have been a draw rather than a unanimous decision victory in the champion's favor.

The Next Generation man claimed that unbeaten Gamrot had no interest in the rematch until KSW had to give him more money in the hopes that he would accept the fight.

“The only reason he took this fight is to get paid more money,” Parke told MMA Fighting.

“KSW offered him a sh*t load of money and he told them that he didn’t want to fight me, he wanted to fight someone else. They offered him more cash and that’s the only reason why this fight is happening.”

Parke was surprised to hear how highly Gamrot is regarded in his homeland and feels that his first performance against him proved that he has been overhyped.

“I didn’t see it then and I don’t see it now,” he said.

“Before our first fight everyone was saying ‘He’s going to get you’ and that his wrestling and grappling were like nothing I’d ever saw before.

“Then we fight and nobody sees it. He couldn’t wrestle me, he couldn’t control me down there – you didn’t see it, I didn’t see it and nobody saw it.

“I was the one pushing the action and he was on the back foot. My style is very, very bad for him.”

Considering Gamrot’s status as one of the best talents outside of the UFC, Parke thinks the main reason he hasn’t put pen to paper is because he would not be able to pass USADA’s drug testing.

Parke is confident he will make fans reconsider Gamrot’s ability in their rematch in Dublin.

“There are so many people that think this guy is supposed to be in the UFC. Everyone is wondering why he hasn’t signed for the UFC, but we all know why he hasn’t signed for the UFC,” he said.

“He’s been jacking himself up on steroids. If he signed with the UFC, USADA would be all over him. He’d get caught and that’s why he isn’t in the UFC.

“Before our first fight, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had 30 or 40 people messaging me telling me that he was on the juice.

“It doesn’t surprise me and it doesn’t make any difference to me. Steroid guys look a bit stronger and they can usually go for a bit longer, but there’s nothing special about them.

“He’s signed another contract with KSW anyway, but a loss here could really mess him up. I’ve told him that losing isn’t the end of the world, I should know, I’ve lost six times.

“Once he fights like a man this time people will respect him. Last time he didn’t do that, so let’s hope he shows up this time.”

Parke also believes that Gamrot is earning more money under the KSW banner than he would with the UFC.

“I’d say KSW are paying him more than he would get in the UFC. From what I hear he sells a lot of pay-per-views in Poland,” he explained.

“Martin Lewandowski even said to me, ‘You’ve got to respect the viewers the champion brings in,’ and I do, but I also know that he has had a promotion behind him for a long time, and not a lot of people get that kind of a push.

“It’s like in boxing where they find a guy who has the gift of the gab and they give him favorable fights so he can draw a crowd. I feel like his situation is like that.

“I never had that. I can’t remember anyone from Northern Ireland that’s ever had that. My only option is to fight my way to the top, then I might start getting that sort of treatment.

“I came from TUF, and that’s no walk in the park. I’ve fought all over the word. I proved that he wasn’t what people thought he was the first time around. This time, there will be no debate when I get the win.”