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Alexander Gustafsson expects Daniel Cormier rematch after ‘DC’ puts Volkan Oezdemir ‘on his ass’

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Alexander Gustafsson expects to get the opportunity to avenge his loss to Daniel Cormier after he defends his title against Volkan Oezdemir.

Although no date has been set as of yet for the light-heavyweight title fight, Gustafsson underlined that his intention is to get a rematch against Cormier on an appearance on Swedish show, Viaplay Fighting.

“I’m not going anywhere. Daniel knows I’m here to stay and that I’m waiting for my rematch against him,” said Gustafsson, as translated by Viaplay Fighting.

The former title contender expressed that he has no interest in taking a fight in the mean time as Cormier and Oezdemir battle it out for the belt.

“No,” he replied when asked if he would fight again before taking on the winner of Cormier versus Oezdemir. “I’ll wait and take it from there. I’m not in a hurry. I’ve had longer stretches between fights than this. I’ll be fine.

“I’ll wait and see. I want the belt. I want a title fight.

“We’ll see if DC and Volkan gets confirmed. Then I’ll fight the winner and…I’m pretty sure I’ll fight DC and get my rematch. I can’t wait.”

“The Mauler” underlined why he believes that Cormier is the “better fighter” between the two.

“Volkan does have a puncher’s chance. He has powerful hands as you can see here against Jimi (Manuwa),” said Gustafsson, referencing the Oezdemir highlight reel that was playing as he answered the question.

“He’s not someone you want to underestimate. He’s a power puncher, but DC is the better fighter.

“He can take a punch. He has the cardio. He is a better mixed martial artist than Volkan. So, I see DC winning that fight.”

Gustafsson revealed how he expects Cormier to use his wrestling prowess to get the job done against “No Time”.

“He’s going to put him on his ass. He’ll take him down and dominate on the ground,” he said.

“Volkan is sort of like Anthony Johnson – a power puncher. We haven’t seen much of his ground game, not much of his wrestling and I think DC will take him down.”

Although Gustafsson had yet to publicly reply to Oezdemir’s various callouts, he claimed that he would have no problem fighting him.

“Fine! Then I’ll fight Volkan!” he replied when asked what would happen if his fellow European managed to capture the belt.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he said when asked if Oezdemir made for an easier fight for him.

“Styles make fights. I want to beat DC. I want to avenge my loss. Because of that, I want DC to win.

“But if Volkan were to win, that’s fine with me. Then I’ll avenge Jimi.”