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Invicta FC, Pancrase announce talent share

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Invicta FC

Women’s mixed martial arts is getting some good news.

Invicta FC and Japan’s Pancrase announced an “exclusive” talent-sharing agreement Tuesday in a press release. The two promotions will be letting their fighters compete in the other organization with the goal to “help promote women’s MMA on a global scale.”

Invicta, founded in 2012, is the pre-eminent all-women’s promotion, based in Kansas City. Pancrase is a legendary promotion that dates back to 1993 and has long promoted women’s MMA.

“It’s an honor to be able to partner with Pancrase, one of MMA’s most storied promotions,” Invicta president Shannon Knapp said in the release. “In addition to all past and present ‘Kings and Queens of Pancrase,’ pioneers and contemporary stars alike have passed through the Pancrase organization at one time or another. Through our talent-sharing agreement, we hope to be able to capitalize on the wealth of female fighters being developed by both Invicta and Pancrase in a mutually beneficial way.”

Both Invicta and Pancrase air shows in the United States on UFC Fight Pass. Invicta FC 26, the promotion’s next show, is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 30, headlined by a women’s flyweight title fight between champion Jennifer Maia and challenger Agnieszka Niedzwiedz.

“From this partnership, the world’s best fighters from Invicta will get an opportunity to fight in Pancrase, and at the same time, Japanese fighters will get to experience fighting Invicta fighters that are at the world level,” Knapp said. “In addition, Japanese fighters would get a chance to fight in Invicta. This might open the door for fans in Japan to see Japanese fighters under the Invicta contract, such as Mizuki and Takayo Hashi to fight in Japan as well. Both Invicta FC and Pancrase are currently on UFC Fight Pass and by exchanging fighters we are looking to increase opportunities for fighters to compete more often.”