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Nick Diaz talks about smoking weed with Kimbo Slice on Snoop Dogg’s show


Kimbo Slice will be missed by the entire MMA community. Nick Diaz is included in that group.

In a story that very few know, Diaz told Snoop Dogg on an episode of GGN News that he and Slice used to hang out — and smoke — before EliteXC shows back in the day.

“We was always hanging out at the Strikeforce events or EliteXC back in the day,” Diaz said. “We used to smoke blunts. … We would headline the whole show. It was me and Kimbo Slice.”

A preview of the episode can be found here:

Diaz and Slice shared the bill at EliteXC: Renegade on Nov. 10, 2007. Diaz fought K.J. Noons (and lost via doctor’s stoppage) in the main event and Slice made his pro MMA debut against Bo Cantrell in the co-main event. Slice won by submission to strikes in 19 seconds.

Slice, one of the most popular figures in the sport’s history, died of heart failure while waiting for a heart transplant in June.

Diaz told Snoop Dogg that he understood that Slice was the man people were tuning in for at the time.

“I knew it was the Kimbo Slice show, but it was me and the Kimbo Slice show,” Diaz said. “Because I was the MMA fighter that was bringing the MMA crowd and he was the streetfighter bringing the street crowd.”

On the show, Diaz also addressed his potential comeback. The Stockton bad boy said the thing that will get him back in the UFC is an opponent who stands out.

“As far as fighting goes, I’m just waiting for these guys to do something,” Diaz said. “I don’t know, add some character to their lifestyle. Maybe they need to paint their hair like people used to do.

“I was always throwing a fit about it, like somebody I was fighting had their hair painted and I would be like, it’s not enough that this guy has to win a fight against me, but he’s gotta do it with his hair being on blast, like big mohawk. Just a wild man.”

When asked about who is favorite fighter was, Diaz joked that it was Carlos Condit. Diaz has complained for years about the way Condit fought him at UFC 143 in 2012, winning by unanimous decision. Diaz said his brother Nate was his favorite fighter, but also said Condit was up there.

“Stylistically, though, I’ve always liked Carlos Condit, because he at least amounted to at least the level of doing what I do,” Diaz said. “I mean, but I think he stands a little upright.”

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