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Jose Aldo wants to start a career in boxing

UFC 198 Weigh-ins Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It seems that the new trend among UFC stars is to look for fights inside a boxing ring.

With Conor McGregor aiming for a clash with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, and Nate Diaz applying for a boxing license in Nevada, current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo says that his “biggest dream” is to become champion in both sports.

"First of all, it’s not about money. I want to keep it clear. Thank God the UFC and MMA gave me a lot of stuff,” Aldo told TV Combate on Sunday night. "Yes, I think about having a career in boxing, but I want to start from the bottom, start from zero. I want to get ranked and one day fight for a belt. I don’t want to fight just to fight, for money, to go after big fights and challenge a great champion.

"I respect every boxer, but I want to start from the bottom. I want a career in boxing. That was my biggest dream, to one day become champion in MMA and boxing. That is my biggest dream.”

Asked about his longtime rival’s desire to compete against Mayweather in a boxing ring, Aldo said he doesn’t care about what “The Notorious” does.

"I hope Conor gets f***ed, that’s what matters to me,” Aldo said. "I don’t give a damn about him. I've already said he’s sh*t, so what he does or doesn't do, I don’t care. I worry about myself. I'm training to defend my belt. I want to fly higher."

Aldo’s coach and manager Andre Pederneiras explained their decision to seek a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at lightweight after interim featherweight champion Max Holloway “gave three excuses not to do what he had agreed.” With Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson booked for UFC 209 on March 4, Aldo looks to be back in action in late April or early May.

"To avoid being on the sidelines waiting, we tried to get Aldo fighting the No. 1 ranked Khabib, so he could fight for the interim title and Conor McGregor would have no way of running,” Pederneiras said. "(McGregor) would have no escape at neither featherweight nor at lightweight. Unfortunately, Khabib’s father didn’t think it was a good fight for Khabib and decided not to let this fight happen.

"We expect a call with at least two and a half months’ notice, or three months’ notice, so Aldo can come back to training and be able to fight,” he continued. "The problem today is that Conor says he’ll only fight in boxing, so we’re waiting to find out who really runs the UFC today, if it’s Conor or the UFC."

Aldo’s goal in the UFC is to get as many wins as he can to set up a rematch with McGregor, who defeated him in 13 seconds in December of 2015, but Pederneiras doesn't seem too confident that the Irishman wants to face the Brazilian a second time.

“(McGregor) has to fight and defend his title at lightweight, but he knows that if he gets Khabib or (Tony) Ferguson, I don’t know how that fight will be,” Pederneiras said. "I think he’s afraid of this fight more than anything — except fighting Aldo again, because relinquishing a belt to avoid a rematch, I don’t think you can be more afraid than that."

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