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Conor McGregor unloads on ‘f*cking p*ssy’ Nate Diaz: ‘He was Floyd’s b*tch’

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Conor McGregor threw plenty of jabs at Floyd Mayweather during an hour-long interview on Saturday in Manchester, but he saved his sharpest barbs for his old UFC rival: Nate Diaz.

When asked about staging a potential rubber match against Diaz, McGregor unloaded into the Stockton native for a video that released in December which saw Diaz and Mayweather team up and share laughs at McGregor’s expense over Facetime — an opportunity that McGregor believes was entirely wasted on Diaz’s part.

“Nate’s a b*tch. Nate’s a f*cking b*tch, and let me tell you why,” McGregor said. “I had the biggest respect for Nate – and I still have big respect for Nick, he’s out doing his thing – but when [Nate] took that phone call or that video call from Floyd Mayweather, and was like, ‘hello Floyd’s fans,’ he was Floyd’s b*tch that night. I was like, you f*cking p*ssy. You absolute p*ssy.

“When he had that video call, he should’ve been on the other end of that line, and when Floyd was saying ‘you made McGregor tapout,’ he’s like, ‘yeah I did,’ and Floyd is saying, ‘I’m going to finish the job’ — he should’ve said, ‘shut your f*cking mouth or I’ll strangle you too,’ and then post that everywhere. And then all of a sudden, it would’ve been like, f*ck Floyd. It would’ve be me and Nate again. But he was Floyd’s b*tch that night. He was Floyd’s employee that night. So look, f*ck Nate. F*ck Nick. F*ck the Diaz Brothers. And if you want to be down with the Diaz Brothers, then f*ck you too.”

The record-breaking rivalry between McGregor and Diaz emerged from out of nowhere to become one of the biggest MMA storylines in 2016. The two rivals fought twice, with Diaz first winning a short-notice bout at UFC 196, then McGregor evening the score at UFC 202. Both showdowns proved to be ratings blockbusters for the UFC, shattering financial records and standing as the two highest-selling pay-per-views in the organization’s history.

Nonetheless, much of the respect McGregor gained for Diaz throughout the experience appears to have been lost over recent months.

“Look, he took a hell of a lot of smacks that night (at UFC 202),” McGregor said. “His face droops to the left. Look at him. Look real close at him. His face droops to the left now. You don’t take them left hammers all for 25 minutes and come back normal. He was not normal in that phone call.

“I was expecting a different situation, but I couldn’t believe it when I watched it. I watched like 10 minutes of it, and Floyd’s like, ‘hey Nate, say hello to my fans.’ You f*cking b*tch. It’s the biggest b*tch move I’ve ever seen. So whatever, it is what it is. Now you’re back in the queue. Now you’re at the back of the queue.”

That being said, McGregor reiterated his past comments that before all is said and done, he and Diaz will square off to settle the rubber match.

“Don’t get me wrong, me and Nate will throw down again, 100 percent,” McGregor said. “It’s one apiece. We’ll finish it off. I’d imagine it will be for the lightweight world title, 155. It could be like a skeleton wrapped in cling film. If his team is wise, they’ll talk him out of it. They’ll say, ‘you’ve made some money, your face is drooping to the left, your speech is slurred. Chill now. Enjoy the money.’ But they’re not the most intelligent people, so I’m sure me and Nate will go again.”

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