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King Mo says ‘fat’ Quinton Jackson has been ‘lifting donuts,’ and it ‘hit home’ for ‘Rampage’

Quinton Jackson (left) and Muhammad Lawal face off after a press conference Saturday in LA.
Quinton Jackson (left) and Muhammad Lawal face off after a press conference Saturday in LA.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

INGLEWOOD, Calif. — The rivalry between “Rampage” and “King Mo” is back. And this time it’s Supersized.

Soon after the rematch between Quinton Jackson and Muhammed Lawal was announced for Bellator 175 on March 31, Lawal went on the offensive, making fun of Jackson for his weight. The bout will be contested at heavyweight, though the first fight was at light heavyweight, and Jackson was in attendance at Bellator 170 on Saturday looking just a bit portly.

Lawal smashed Jackson at a press conference following the fights at The Forum, saying “Rampage” looked pregnant and like he had “D-cups.” Jackson took umbrage to the remarks, mainly because he admitted some of them rang true.

“I’m too old to be cutting weight to 205,” Jackson said. “My ass is too big. I got a big ass and I got big-ass legs. I shouldn’t be fighting at 205. I’m just a big guy now.

“But it hurt my feelings, though, King Mo. You called me fat. That hit home, though. That was a low blow. But I ain’t said nothing about your ugly ass mustache and beard combo. I haven't said nothing that’s true, that’s hit home like that. I haven’t gotten on your ugly ass ears, like a damn Gremlin.”

Lawal wasn't done sniping at Jackson’s girth. He called into question what he feels Jackson’s latest workout regimen has been.

“You talk about lifting weights — you’re lifting donuts,” Lawal said. “You know what I’m saying? And beers. You say you got big arms from curling? Chips and Pringles. Listen, I heard you’re training with Kobayashi, the competitive eater, for this. Kobayashi, the hot dog eater. That’s who you’re training with.”

Jackson, 38, laughed it off, but there is still some ill will between the two rivals. “Rampage” won the first meeting by unanimous decision in 2014, though Lawal feels like the judges were wrong and he was the rightful winner. As evidence, “King Mo” presents that Jackson did not look like he believed he won that night and “Rampage” asked for a rematch immediately after the bout.

“When a fighter really wins the fight, they don’t ask for no rematch,” Lawal said. “That be stupid. That be like Floyd asking Pacquiao for a rematch.”

Jackson (37-11) said he asked for an immediate rematch, because he was looking to knock Lawal out, not just go to a decision. Lawal, 36, punted on that explanation.

“You’re corny, man,” Lawal said. “Straight up. You sound like one of them people that support Donald Trump, be on CNN spinning things.”

Jackson admitted that he plans on training a lot of wrestling defense and ground game for the fight with “King Mo.” Lawal is a former All-American college wrestler and has used takedowns effectively in MMA. That was a big part of his strategy against “Rampage” the first time and Jackson is expecting more of the same.

“You’re gonna still hump my leg” Jackson said. “That’s all you’re gonna try to do. You have a love affair with my legs. You have a crush on my legs, King Mo.”

Lawal said it’s MMA and he plans on “doing everything” to Jackson, before poking fun at his weight yet again. Jackson said he could beat “King Mo” with one day of training and all the talk about his size is motivating him even more.

“I do have to show him what type of fighter I am,” Jackson said. “And I do want to knock him out.”

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