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Chael Sonnen brings up Tito Ortiz’s ex in ‘nasty’ round of trash talk before Bellator 170

LOS ANGELES — Chael Sonnen just dialed up the trash talk to 11, as he has been known to do.

After Tito Ortiz said at the Bellator 170 pre-fight press conference Thursday that Sonnen has earned his big fights with his mouth, Sonnen weaponized Ortiz’s past relationship with famous porn star Jenna Jameson.

“Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunities,” Sonnen said at the event in Hollywood. “The only person that I know that made money using their mouth is his ex-wife.”

Ortiz was visibly angered by the line. For minutes after it was made, Ortiz stared at Sonnen from across the dais while shaking.

“Just to correct you, there was never no marriage,” Ortiz said. “You’re a f*cking punk, dude. That’s what you call class, right here, compared to no class.”

Meanwhile, Sonnen laughed it off.

“That was a nasty line by me,” Sonnen said. “They don’t call you The Bad Guy for nothing.”

Jameson reacted on Twitter and didn’t seem to be happy with being brought into the conversation.

(Update: Jameson tweeted later that she wasn’t upset at all by Sonnen’s comment.)

Sonnen and Ortiz will finally meet in the main event of Bellator 170 on Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. The two have been going back and forth on social media and in the press for months, with pretty entertaining trash talk.

Ortiz, 41, will retire after this fight after a storied, UFC Hall of Fame career. He said Thursday that the trash talk is not getting to him; it’s actually fueling him. Ortiz said he has fought based on emotions his entire career.

“This ain’t a competition,” Ortiz said. “This ain’t a wrestling match. This is a fight. I’m gonna hurt that man.”

Sonnen, 39, is making his return after more than three years away from the cage. The top-drawing former middleweight UFC contender was saddled with a doping suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) and vowed to retire. But “The American Gangster” said he’s back now, in Bellator, to go on a “legend’s ass-whooping tour.” First up is Ortiz and then Sonnen wants Wanderlei Silva next.

The other thing motivating Sonnen is that Ortiz had a long run as the UFC light heavyweight champion at a time when Sonnen felt like he just didn’t get his opportunity. Sonnen felt like he could beat Ortiz then and he feels like he could beat him now.

“I have made a contention since the ’90s that I’m the baddest dude in the world,” Sonnen said. “On Saturday, we’ll find out.”

Ortiz embarked on a long promo about him being a lion and Sonnen being a jackal during the press conference. Sonnen countered by snoring into the microphone.

“You hear that snoring noise?” Ortiz said. “He’s going to be making that in the second round.”

Sonnen gave Ortiz props for that line and said he believes Ortiz is a legend. Ortiz doesn’t feel the same way about Sonnen, asking what Sonnen has ever done legendary.

“[He’s] not even a man, he’s a child,” Ortiz said.

Sonnen, though, got the last laugh, literally, joking during the staredown while Ortiz was dead serious. Sonnen got in some more ribs, too.

“This show is free on Spike TV,” Sonnen said. “That means everyone can afford it — except for Tito. Because he’s broke. Get it?”

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