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Morning Report: Daniel Cormier willing to fight Jon Jones again even if he takes banned substances

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Recently, UFC heavyweight and fan favorite Mark Hunt made headlines for filing a civil suit against the UFC, Dana White, and Brock Lesnar, alleging racketeering, fraud, breach of contract, and negligence among eight charges surrounding his fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200.

Lesnar made his return to the UFC after a four and a half year retirement but the short notice nature of his return led to him receiving an exemption from the UFC from the full four month USADA testing before competition. Instead Lesnar was only tested for a month before the fight. Hunt complained about the favoritism being shown to Lesnar before the fight but maintained that he didn’t care if Lesnar was “juiced to the gills” because he was going to knock him out anyway. Instead Lesnar won a decision and then it was revealed that he had failed a pre-fight drug test.

In a similar set of circumstances with a very different result, that same evening Jon Jones was supposed to rematch UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in the main event. Instead, Jones was flagged by USADA for failing a pre-fight drug test and pulled from the card. Instead, Cormier faced Anderson Silva in a non-title fight and Jones was eventually suspended for a year.

But unlike Hunt, Cormier says Jones’ suspension doesn’t change anything. Speaking with Colin Cowherd recently, Cormier said that he doesn’t care about Jones’ failed drug test, that he would have fought Jones the day after UFC 200 if they’d have let him, and that he has to fight Jones again for the sake of his career.

“Honestly, when that whole thing happened in July, I would have fought him two days later. It doesn’t matter. I just want to fight. I’m there to fight and because of our history and - I’m a competitor and I need to get back that. That means so much to me at my core that I’ve got to get it back. My life and career would not be okay if I had to walk away and not share the octagon again with that man.”

Jones defeated Cormier in 2015, winning a dominant decision to retain his light heavyweight championship. Shortly afterwards, Jones was stripped of his title and suspended by the UFC for outside the cage activity. Cormier has been trying to get a rematch with Jones since but Jones’ personal issues and a string of ill-timed injuries have kept the fight from happening. Now Jones is again being forced to sit on the sidelines until July as he serves his suspension from USADA and Cormier has a rematch with Anthony Johnson sometime this year, leaving a potential rematch with Jones up in the air. If the chance ever does come along though, Cormier says he will fight Jones even if Jones is actively taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’d fight him... If that was the case before, then the guy that I’m gonna fight the next time is not gonna be the same guy I saw the first time because of USADA and the drug testing that we are under now... But yes, I would fight him [even if he were on PEDs]. It doesn’t matter. The competitor in me and my belief in my coaches and my skill, I have to get that back. I can’t live with it.”


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@alistairovereem jus finished my testing have they been testing u

Posted by Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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That’s all folks. See you tomorrow.

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