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Miesha Tate carries injured girl down hiking trail

Andrew Abalos Instagram

Miesha Tate came through in the clutch.

On Sunday, the former UFC bantamweight champion was hiking Nevada's Mt. Charleston when she ran across a six-year-old girl, Kai, who suffered a broken arm while walking the trail. With Kai's mother struggling, Tate scooped the young girl up and carried her down the over two-mile trail to safety, where Kai was then able to be taken to the hospital.

Both of Kai's parents took to social media to thank Tate for her act of kindness.

Kai even sent Tate a special thank you message, which Tate posted to social media along with a retelling of the day's events.

This isn't the first time Tate's quick thinking has saved the day.

Back in 2014, Tate came to the rescue of longtime boyfriend and fellow UFC fighter Bryan Caraway's mother while vacationing in Mexico. Caraway's mother, Chris, was in the midst of a potentially fatal asthma attack when Tate sprayed Chris' inhaler into her own mouth and gave the elderly woman mouth-to-mouth, saving Chris' life with some clever thinking in the clutch.

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