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Nate Diaz: Both Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez 'are afraid to fight me'

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Save for a few notable exceptions, the MMA world seems excited about the prospect of Conor McGregor challenging Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title.

Don't count Nate Diaz among those, though.

When asked what he thought about the UFC 205 main event, Nate Diaz told MMA Fighting, "Fuck them both. You know both those little bitches are afraid to fight me. That's why they are fighting each other.

"And tell Dana I said get off Conor's nuts," Diaz added. "I left my room to that fight at 176 (pounds), so when I fought I was probably 173. Quit telling people I was a monster to make him look good. I've been a lightweight my whole career."

Diaz lost his rematch against McGregor via majority decision last month at UFC 202. And while both McGregor and Dias campaigned for a trilogy fight shortly thereafter, it was never on table for UFC 205 on Nov. 12.

"Eddie said I was next after Gilbert, then I called him a bitch in the lobby and he turned the fight down repeatedly until I beat Conor," Diaz said. "Then he called every day asking for the fight. Bitch. What kinda fighters are these guys?"

Diaz doesn't yet have his next fight booked.