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Tito Ortiz fires back at ‘Bad Girl’ Chael Sonnen, promises ‘payback’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Chael Sonnen said all Tito Ortiz had to do was say his name and a fight was on.

Consider that done.

Ortiz fired back at Sonnen, Bellator's newest signee, Friday on Twitter. The UFC Hall of Famer and current Bellator star intimated that he was ready to welcome Sonnen to his new promotion. Ortiz referred to Sonnen as "Bad Girl" and told him "ass whippins" come at a cost in Bellator.

A fight between Sonnen and Ortiz is one Bellator is currently weighing for Sonnen's debut, though nothing is official yet. Bellator president Scott Coker also mentioned Fedor Emelianenko and Rory MacDonald as potential Sonnen opponents.

Sonnen leaving the UFC and signing with Bellator was reported Thursday night by The Associated Press. The UFC granted Sonnen release and "The Bad Guy" said he signed a lucrative deal with Bellator in a conference call Friday.

Sonnen, a three-time title challenger in the UFC, also talked a bit about Ortiz on the call.

"Look, Tito is a legend," Sonnen said. "Tito is great. Tito is even a friend of mine, but the bottom line is, he's been around and I was jealous for a long time," Sonnen said. "Jealousy is a hell of a thing. There's a reason it's one of the deadly sins. When I was out slugging trying to get fights, my shot, Tito was on TV and having the crowd cheer, doing the appearances, doing all these things that I fantasized and wanted to do. And there really never an opportunity to go against him.

"We were in the same division in college, same weight class, same conference. I'd see him around at events. I still see him around at the events, but he looks at me the same way I look at him. I look at him like, Tito, you know I could whip your ass. And he gives me that exact same look. Every time we're in the same room together, it's like this big alpha male contest. And he knows it's going on, and I know it's going on. So if the Bad Boy wants a piece of the Bad Guy, all you gotta do is say my name. I said his name. All he has to do is say mine."

Sonnen has not fought since 2013 and is coming off a two-year suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) for failing multiple drug tests. Ortiz, 41, won two in a row for Bellator before dropping a title fight to Liam McGeary in September 2015.

Though Sonnen normally fights at 185 pounds, he said Friday that he's willing to fight in any weight class — "gangster weight," he called it — and Ortiz is on his list. A battle between two of the most well-known figures in MMA would certainly be a ratings bonanza for Bellator and Spike.

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