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CM Punk tells Mickey Gall to never say you don't deserve your spot

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

If there's one thing CM Punk brought from his former world of pro wrestling to his new world of mixed martial arts, it is advice on never making yourself seem less of a star.

After his quick beating at the hands of Mickey Gall on Saturday, Punk went to Gall to try to teach him that lesson in never downgrading your own abilities or talking about not deserving a position you're already in.

"Throughout his interviews, he'd say things like, in speaking about himself, that he didn't belong in the UFC and he didn't belong on the main card," said Punk, or Phil Brooks if you prefer.

"I told him that everyone else is going to say that about you through your entire career. Why are you going to say that about yourself? Don't ever put yourself down. Even if you think you don't deserve to be on the main card, you're on the main card. Just shut the f*ck up and fake it till you make it. Don't sell yourself short.'"

But for Gall, the young welterweight noted that he had hardly earned being positioned above fighters like Urijah Faber and Jimmie Rivera, who preceded his fight with Punk on the show and received less hype throughout the build-up, due to Punk's fame as being one of the biggest stars in pro wrestling until quitting that industry in early 2014 after a dispute with WWE management.

During the week, Gall said that he didn't belong on the event poster, which focused on the top three fights, his being one of them.

"He said, 'Always feel you belong,'" Gall explained when asked what Punk told him. "I was pretty vocal in feeling that I didn't belong on the UFC poster. Urijah Faber and Jimmie Rivera fought before me. Those are two veterans. I'm an MMA purist. I respect the veterans of the game and they're more deserving of the spot.

"Between me and Punk, before tonight, we had a combined two fights. I was 2-0 and he was 0-0. It was kind of a weird thing. But he was saying, 'always believe you belong.' And it was a motivational, positive message. It was nice of him."