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Mickey Gall: CM Punk will revert to ‘bad habits’ once we get ‘into the sh*t’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Mickey Gall has seen the clips of CM Punk training and isn't all that wowed by them.

While he knows Punk will be improved from when those were filmed for the Fox Sports 1 documentary, Gall is still thinking Punk's inexperienced techniques might come out in the fight at UFC 203.

"I'm not particularly impressed," Gall said on a media conference call Thursday. "Just different things, the way he moves. I'm sure he's improved tremendously, though, since most of that footage. But I know once we get into the fight, into the sh*t, those bad habits are gonna come out and I'm gonna be able to expose those."

The two will meet on the main card of UFC 203 on Sept. 10 in Cleveland. Punk is a former WWE champion and making his UFC debut in this bout. Before two years ago, Punk (real name: Phil Brooks) had no significant martial arts or combat sports training experience.

What Punk does have is experience in front of massive crowds. He has performed at WrestleMania inside of football stadiums. The amount of eyes that will be on his first fight will not faze him at all. Gall, on the other hand, is only 2-0 as an MMA fighter and has never been under that kind of scrutiny.

"He's been performing in front of large groups of people," Gall said. "I've been fighting in front of large groups of people. Not these numbers, but it's the same. I've had fights where i've had over 100 friends and family at a fight. I think that's more nerve-wracking.

"It's a different thing. It's not performing — it's a real fight. We're gonna be standing across from each other and, within the rule set, trying to kill each other. It's a different thing, something I believe I have more experience in."

Gall, 24, won his UFC debut in February over Michael Jackson by first-round submission. The Braziilian jiu-jitsu brown belt was first discovered by UFC president Dana White on an episode of his "Lookin' For a Fight" show on UFC Fight Pass. Gall called out Punk after winning his pro debut and White liked what he saw. Gall had to beat Jackson to earn that fight and did so in impressive fashion.

The New Jersey native believes he'll beat Punk to move to 3-0. After that, he's planning on moving up the UFC ladder. His goals and expectations are lofty.

"I want the UFC killers next," Gall said. "I don't want guys to be brought in on my account. I want to fight the best in the world. I think the UFC has the best in the world. Big names make nice trophies and I want a bunch of trophies."

If he can beat the former pro-wrestling great, Gall might have another one of his callouts in store for Joe Rogan following the bout.

"I want everybody, man," Gall said. "My goal is to be UFC champion. Whoever is in the way, I plan on moving up the rankings and getting that belt. I might have a name on the microphone for after. We'll see."

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