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Conor McGregor not interested in pro wrestling: WWE guys are ‘messed up p*ssies’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

There's a good chance we won't be seeing Conor McGregor at a Wrestlemania like Ronda Rousey in the future.

The UFC featherweight champion took some shots at pro wrestling and WWE in a UFC 202 conference call with Nate Diaz on Friday. McGregor was asked by a reporter if he ever saw himself in the world of sports entertainment and he quickly shut down the notion.

"For the most part, those WWE guys are p*ssies, to be honest," McGregor said. "They're messed up p*ssies, if you ask me. Fair play to Brock [Lesnar], he got in and fought, but at the end of the day he was juiced up to the f*cking eye balls, so how can I respect that? And then what's the other guy? The other guy hasn't fought yet, so I don't know about him yet."

"The other guy" is a reference to former WWE star CM Punk, who makes his UFC debut at UFC 203 on Sept. 10 against Mickey Gall.

As for Lesnar, he tested positive for the anti-estrogen agent clomiphene in two drug tests in relation to his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt. Lesnar, who still performs for WWE and is one of the company's biggest star, is facing sanctions from both USADA (the UFC's anti-doping partner) and the Nevada Athletic Commission for the banned substance. But Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion, may never fight again anyway, so the only thing that might truly affect him is a fine from the commission.

McGregor, who meets Diaz in the UFC 202 main event Aug. 20 in Las Vegas, did throw some props the way of WWE — at least to certain individuals.

"There's some dons in that wrestling game," McGregor said. "The McMahons, they're dons. Triple H is a don. The Rock is a don. But the rest of them are p*ssies."

McGregor, 28, said he's focusing right now on UFC 202 and Diaz, not thinking about any other medium. He said he turned down a role alongside Vin Diesel in the xXx sequel, a gig that went to fellow UFC champion Michael Bisping. WWE is the furthest thing from the brash Irishman's mind.

"I haven't really thought of that to be honest," he said. "Again, that's a little more show business. This is the fight business."

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