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Enrique Barzola upset after 'robbery' against Kyle Bochniak at UFC on FOX 21

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Enrique Barzola was left with a bitter taste in his mouth after UFC on FOX 21.

Following his first fight after winning the second season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America, Barzola was convinced he had done enough to win his fight against Kyle Bochniak at last Saturday's UFC event in Vancouver. However, two of the three judges that night thought differently, scoring the fight 29-28, giving Bochniak a split decision win.

The Peruvian fighter called his decision loss a robbery.

"Well, Saturday I was very upset since they robbed me in the fight, and everyone saw," Barzola told MMA Fighting. "I felt I won every round, but the third round I didn't risk going all out because I knew that I had won two rounds, so I was very careful in the third, but at the same time I was attacking.

"At the end, I don't know what the judges were looking at. They judged wrong by giving me the loss. I think that gives the UFC like a red card or like an attention call because stealing the fight from me in that manner, all of South America and Latin America know it was a robbery. I've been reading many well-known sites like and others, and they had me as the winner. And even in the UFC cards and FOX Deportes, they had me winning, so it's impossible that the judges saw me as the loser."

Now 1-1 in the UFC, ‘El Fuerte' plans on doing everything in his power to avoid going to the judge's decision in his next bout.

"I was sad the first day, but the following day I was like, ‘I'm not going to leave it on the hands of the judges'," Barzola explained. "My next fight I'm going to kill, and I'm not going to leave it in the hands of the judges, so that it doesn't happen because it can happen again."

The 27-year-old featherweight says he's completely healthy, and hopes to return to the Octagon this year.

"Thank God, I don't even have a scratch, I have a picture up on my Facebook fan page." Barzola said. "If could fight tomorrow, I'll fight tomorrow. I'm completely healthy. I don't even have a scratch. Rather, my rival ended up with his eyes cut up. Obviously, my opponent did a great job in defending my takedowns, but I was the one looking for the takedowns. I took him down twice, I didn't control a lot but at the end of the day I was attacking, even with my hands too. He was only kicking, that's it, and I was defending them. Right now, I'm completely healthy and I don't have any pains or anything. I think it was very clear that opponent was hurt, you could see on his face. I should've won that fight.

"If they [UFC] ask me to fight in November, December, in two or three months, I'm ready to fight. I want to fight and I'm not going to rest until I fight again. Right now, I'm here with my family, clearing my head and the bitterness of the defeat, but I'm going to go back to train with everything I got.

"I'm an optimist fighter that learns from mistakes and this teaches me a lot, you know. One day, when I reach that title, I'm not going leave it in the hands of the judges. I'm going to give it my all so that it doesn't go to decision. If I'm going to lose, I don't want to lose by decision. I either lose by knockout or submission. I'm going to work very hard so this doesn't happen; so all Latin America and my country can see me with my hand raised."

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