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Nate Diaz awaiting visit from UFC brass 'to see how obsessed I am'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Nate Diaz is back home wondering when he's going to get the post-UFC 196 treatment from the UFC brass.

Reached on Thursday afternoon to find out what his future plans are, Diaz said, "I'm still waiting for Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta] to show up to my house to see how obsessed I am."

Diaz is making light of the oft-told story repeated before his UFC 202 rematch against Conor McGregor, which was that McGregor was granted the immediate second fight after telling UFC owners that he was obsessed with the idea of losing to Diaz and had to rectify the issue immediately. Of course, the UFC ultimately obliged, despite not being too keen on the idea initially.

Diaz also asked White and Fertitta to personally visit him in his hometown of Stockton, Calif. earlier this summer following a well-publicized UFC meeting with McGregor in Los Angeles, as negotiations were progressing about the rematch, which they ultimately did.

So, for his part, Diaz, who lost to McGregor via majority decision, is now waiting for another visit to discuss a trilogy fight. No plans for such a meeting have been just yet.

The UFC has yet to officially decide what's next for either fighter at this point.

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