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Daniel Cormier says he and Anthony Johnson agree: ‘Stop coddling’ Jon Jones

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier thought the light heavyweight title picture was settled after Anthony Johnson scored a 13-second knockout over Glover Teixeira at UFC 202. The win extended Johnson's streak of vicious knockouts to three straight and assumedly set up a rematch between Johnson and Cormier for the 205-pound belt. But UFC president Dana White doesn't seem to be sold.

White recently revealed on the UFC Unfiltered podcast that the UFC is considering staging a fight between Johnson and disgraced former champion Jon Jones to determine the division's next title contender. Nonetheless, both Cormier and Johnson are in agreement that Jones doesn't deserve to be thrown back into another high-profile spot.

"You know what, man, I really worry about myself, but Anthony actually talked to me and said he doesn't feel like Jon deserves anything," Cormier said Wednesday on UFC Tonight. "He goes, it's time to stop coddling this kid, stop giving him things that he doesn't deserve.

"He feels like [Jones] should have to earn his way back, and you know what, I agree. I agree, I think I should be fighting ‘Rumble' Johnson, but that's between Anthony and Jon. I don't know what that does for me (if they fight). The only issue is it would make me have to wait for a long time if those guys go. The truth is, Jon's not even able to fight yet. Jon's not cleared."

Jones is currently under temporary suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for the drug testing failure that imploded UFC 200 just three days before the bicentennial event. In an out-of-competition screening administered by USADA on June 16, Jones tested positive for two banned substances: hydroxy-clomiphene, an anti-estrogenic agent, and letrozole metabolites, an aromatase inhibitor.

Jones faces a maximum one-year suspension from USADA and a potentially longer sentence from the NAC for the testing failure, although White said before UFC 202 that "it looks like [Jones] did not take the supplement that everybody thought he took" and that things "could look good for Jon Jones" if the process continues to play out as it has. Just days later, White floated the idea of Johnson-Jones.

"I'm in a weird place," the UFC president said. "We saw that fight (between Cormier and Johnson) and it was a great fight. I've still got to talk to Joe Silva and see what he thinks, but I'm thinking maybe we do Anthony Johnson versus Jon Jones to see who gets to fight Daniel Cormier."

While there is much left to play out in the saga of Jones, neither Johnson nor Cormier is a fan of the former UFC champion reinserting himself back into the top of the division after the long line of personal and professional mistakes Jones has made over the last several years.

Johnson noted after his UFC 202 victory that both he and Cormier were "beyond" Jones and that Jones "can sit back and wait," even if Jones gets lucky enough to return early from his testing failure. And after losing out on the biggest payday of his career at UFC 200 because of Jones' indiscretions, Cormier agreed fully with that sentiment and issued a response to anyone who might claim that he and Johnson's stances were derived from fear.

"That is not fear," Cormier said. "It is just Anthony and I have been burned by him, more than anybody else. And I just truly can't understand how we could schedule another fight after (UFC 200), it being four times in two years. He's got some work to do, man. He's got to gain some trust of his peers. We are his peers. We have to go in there and compete against him and we don't trust him."