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UFC 202 results: Tim Means TKOs Sabah Homasi inside two rounds

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tim Means was facing an uncertain future in 2016 with a USADA violation stemming from what turned out to be a tainted supplement. While the punishment ending up being relatively minor, it derailed his progress. Heading into UFC 202, Means needed to get back on the winning track and do so emphatically.

Facing UFC newcomer Sabah Homasi, that's exactly what he did.

In the first round, Homasi had the occasional moment and certainly tried to make use of his abilities. Soon, however, it'd be clear he was overmatched. While Means did absorb valiant counterstrikes from Homasi, he stood up from all takedown attempts, landed hard lefts to the body and sliced Homasi's face to pieces with elbows in the clinch. The UFC newcomer in Homasi was able to make it through five minutes, but took a substantial amount of damage in the process.

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By the second round, Homasi could do nothing but hang on. Means was a surgeon with his strikes, landing body shots, jabs, additional elbows, knees in the clinch and more. Eventually Means was able to back Homasi up against the fence and unload, prompting referee Herb Dean to save him before matters got even worse.

The official end came at 2:56 of round 2.

"Joe Silva told us to stay ready and that's what we did. Here we are," Means told UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

"It is what it is. Gotta go through things in life, hard things in life. It just shows I can get up, dust myself off," Means said of his USADA issues, now behind him.

"I've been through a lot, man. I come out to the DMX 'Slippin'' song. It's not just slippin' in a song. It's slippin' in life. Here we are, man. I'm proud to be here. I was working nine to five for $9 an hour. Man, I'm happy to be back."

Means's win up his record to 26-7-1 while Homasi loses his UFC debut, falling to  11-6.

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