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UFC 202 undercard live blog: Garbrandt vs. Mizugaki, more

This is the UFC 202 undercard blog for the UFC 202 event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

There will be seven fights on the UFC 202 undercard. Cody Garbrandt vs. Takeya Mizugaki, Raquel Pennington vs. Elizabeth Phillips, Artem Lobov vs. Chris Avila, Randa Markos vs. Cortney Casey, Neil Magny vs. Lorenz Larkin, Colby Covington vs. Max Griffin, and Alberto Uda vs. Marvin Vettori will be featured.

Check out the UFC 202 undercard live blog below.

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Alberto Uda vs. Marvin Vettori

Round 1: Alright, here we go with the first fight of the night. Vettori wastes no time and clinches Uda against the cage. Uda reverses the position and hits a trip from the clinch, taking Vettori down. A minute has passed. Vettori reverses the position and lands in Uda's guard. Uda with good wrist control avoids Vettori ground-and-pound. Uda still on bottom, locking up a body triangle and making no attempts to submit or stand up. Vettori gets hit with an elbow from the bottom and the blood starts flowing. One minute left, Vettori maintains top control. Vettori ground-and-pound seems to be picking up. Uda tries to reverse the position and Vettori catches and arm-in guillotine choke, sitting back and forcing Uda to tap. Impressive performance by the 22-year-old Italian.

Marvin Vettori def. Alberto Udo via submission (guillotine) (Round 1, 4:30)

Colby Covington vs. Max Griffin

Round 1: Second fight of the night is underway. Mark Smith will be the referee for this bout. Griffin swinging hard, catches Covington with a solid right hand. Both fighters very aggressive from the start. Covington shoots for a single leg takedown and gets it. Covington moves to side control and immediately tries to get mount but fails. Griffin puts Covington in his guard and locks a kimura. Griffin using the kimura gets back on his feet, but Covington takes him back down again. Two minutes left. Covington in half guard begins to land solid shots from the top. Griffin with some good grappling making Covington work for every position. Regarless, Covington dominating the ground area. Ten seconds left Covington ends on mount and lands a couple of good shots before the bell rings.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington

Round 2: Second round starts and both fighters move to the center of the cage. Again, both fighters very aggressive standing up. Covington shoots for a double and takes down Griffin. Covington is on top of Griffin next to the cage trying to get back mount. Griffin defending well, but failing to get back on his feet. Covington mounts Griffin. Half way though the round. Griffin bleeding heavily. Tons of pressure coming from Covington. Griffin attempts to get back up but Covington just drags him back to the ground. Relentless pressure and ground-and-pound by Covington. Thirty seconds left. Covington lets Griffin back up with 10 seconds left and lands a nice left hand.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Covington, overall 20-17 Covington.

Round 3: The round begins and Griffin looks to stay on the outside, firing his jab. Thirty seconds in and Covington takes Griffin down next to the cage. From turtle position, Covington takes Griffins back and begins to land relentless strikes. Griffin traps Covington's right hand, so Covington just uses his left hand to hit Griffin. The ground-and-pound keeps flowing with little response from Griffin, forcing Mark Smith to stop the fight half way through the round.

Colby Covington def. Max Griffin via technical knockout (Round 3, 2:18)

Neil Magny vs. Lorenz Larkin

Round 1: The Fight Pass main event is up. The referee for this fight will be Dan Miragliotta. Both fighters touch gloves and the fight is on. They exchange strikes briefly and clinch against the cage. Larkin landing some nice elbows from the clinch. Magny not landing anything here. Larkin looking very smooth landing hard leg kicks and oblique kicks on Magny. Magny getting lit up with leg strikes. Magny is hopping around on one leg. One minute left. Magny shoots for a double and eats hard elbows to the side of the head. Larking puts Magny to sleep with elbows and the referee stops the fight. Flawless performance by Larkin. 

Lorenz Larkin def. Neil Magny via technical knockout (Round 1, 4:08)    

Randa Markos vs. Cortney Casey

Round 1: Here we go, y'all. This is Shaun Al-Shatti taking over for the FOX Sports 1 prelims. First up are the strawweights. They touch 'em up and we're off. Markos pumps her jab. Casey smacks Markos with a right. Casey wades forward with a combination but misses. Markos fights off a front headlock then trips Casey to the mat, landing in side control with her right arm wrapped around Casey's head. Bad spot here for Casey. Markos lets loose with short punches. Casey works to escape, sweeps into top control, then goes to work from half guard. Casey looks to pass but instead gets swept. Armbar attempt from Casey! It's in deep! Markos taps. Wow, nice turnaround there from Casey.

Cortney Casey def. Randa Markos via armbar at 4:34 of round 1

Artem Lobov vs. Chris Avila

Round 1: Here it is, the first round of Team Diaz vs. Team Ireland. Avila walks out to Tupac, of course, while Lobov walks out to Biggie. This is great. Lobov comes out aggressive, walking down Avila. Lobov lunges inside and clinches against the fence. He breaks free, then fires a left to the body. Leg kick from Lobov, and another. Nice kick to the body from Lobov. And the first "Ole!" chant of the night breaks out from the crowd. Lobov wings a left to Avila's body. Another left cracks Avila's jaw. Lobov continues to find a home for that left hand. Lobov kicks to the body then clinches against the fence. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lobov.

Round 2: Lobov opens with a pairs of kicks to the lead leg of Avila. Lobov cracks Avila with another left, then eats a series of jabs. One-two from Avila. Lobov walks Avila into the fence and unloads a right hand. Avila opens up with a right then dives into the clinch. The action stalls and they break free. Avila changes levels but gets stuffed by Lobov. Lobov hunts for an overhand right but Avila just shakes his head. Leg kick from Lobov, then a Stockton Slap! And another! The crowd is loving it. Now these two are talking to each other. Hard leg kick lands to the lead thigh of Avila. Avila's leg is a bright shade of red. MMA Fighting scores it 10-0 Lobov. (20-18 Lobov.)

Round 3: Avila needs to make something happen here. Lobov continues to work on the lead leg of Avila. That thigh is in bad shape. They briefly clinch, and Lobov connects on an uppercut off the break. Avila checks a leg kick. A wide cut has opened over the forehead of Lobov. Looks like it was from a headbutt. The doctor cleans it up and we're back. Overhand right from Avila just misses. Avila lands his best shot of the night, a right hand that cracks Lobov in the face. Lobov just fires back. Head kick from Avila. Lobov nearly smashes Avila with a step-in knee to the head but Avila manages to block it. Lobov slips off a head kick attempt and Avila dives into his guard. Avila decides to let him up. Lobov walks Avila down, throws out a few kicks to the body, then clinches along the fence. They break free and the boo-birds have started. Spinning wheel kick from Lobov misses at the horn. Team SBG: 1. Team Diaz: 0. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lobov. (30-27 Lobov.)

Artem Lobov def. Chris Avila via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Raquel Pennington vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Round 1: Let's keep it rolling, bantamweights up next. Pennington is tentative to start, while Phillips tosses out jabs here and there. Phillips walks Pennington into the fence then clinches. Pennington reverses the position. Pennington digs for double underhooks only to get driven into the opposite fence by Phillips. Very little action in this fight so far. They finally break free. Phillips circles and pumps her jab. They clinch, and Pennington changes levels for a double. She gets it, but Phillips is posted up with her back against the fence. Phillips climbs to her feet then jumps onto a standing guillotine. Pennington escapes and flurries. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Pennington.

Round 2: Pennington bulldogs her way into the clinch only to get reversed against the fence. Phillips drives Pennington to the floor, but Pennington hunts for a guillotine. Pennington continues to work for it, locked down Phillips in half guard. Phillips finally breaks free and advances into side control. Pennington uses the fence to stand, then seizes a front headlock. Phillips escapes and they fight for position along the fence. Phillips changes levels for a double but can't quite get it. Pennington swirls to Phillips' back and throws her to the floor, landing in side control. Pennington rains down strikes as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Pennington. (20-18 Pennington.)

Round 3: Pennington throws hands for a second then powers Phillips back into the fence. This is clearly where Pennington wants this fight. Pennington hoists Phillips into the air and chucks her to the mat, then takes her back. Pennington sinks one hook in, then the other. Bad spot here for Phillips with two-and-a-half minutes to go. Phillips turns and Pennington takes mount, but Phillips immediately sweeps into top control. Pennington scoots to the fence and slowly stands, then holds Phillips against the fence. Not the most exciting fight, to say the least. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Pennington. (30-27 Pennington.)

Raquel Pennington def. Elizabeth Phillips via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Cody Garbrandt vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Round 1: Let's just forget that last fight happened. Final bout of the prelims up next and it's a good one. A title shot could very well be on the line for Cody Garbrandt, but Takeya Mizugaki is no easy out. Garbrandt comes out firing. Nice right hand sneaks its way through for Garbrandt. Wild flurry lands for Garbrandt. HUGE right hand drops Mizugaki! WOW! Garbrandt swarms and it's over! Good lord, this kid is impressive.

Cody Garbrandt def. Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches) at :48 of round one

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