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Robert Guerrero says 'my boy' Nate Diaz 'is going to mop up' Conor McGregor

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Don't count Robert Guerrero among those in the boxing ranks who don't like mixed martial arts.

The former multi-weight class champion will headline the Premiere Boxing Champions card on Spike TV in Anaheim on August 27 when he meets David Peralta. That's the second night of a combat sports doubleheader at the Honda Center, after Benson Henderson headlines against Patricio Freiere at Bellator 160 the previous evening.

And the way Guerrero sees it, the more, the merrier.

"Everybody likes to see guys beat each other up," Guererro said at a recent combined Bellator/PBC media day. "Guys getting put down, guys getting knocked out. You know? It's what people love to watch. So it's nice to have MMA kicking everything off and getting people pumped up and then the boxing comes after, especially a guy like myself who comes to fight every time."

A native of the Northern California farming community of Gilroy, Guerrero is partial to local mixed martial artists, and he's especially keen to see the rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

"I watch some MMA, I don't get really, really, really into it, I'm more into my sport as a boxer," Guerrero said. "But i do, I watch Josh Thomson, my boy Nate Diaz who I'm excited to see him fight McGregor again, that's going to be good. [Diaz] is from my area too. I think this time he's going to work extra hard and it's not on short notice. He's going to put it on him. Nate Diaz is going to mop him up again."

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