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Conor McGregor unsure of going back to 145 after UFC 202, interested in Nate Diaz trilogy

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC president Dana White has promised that Conor McGregor will drop back down to featherweight and unify the title with Jose Aldo, the interim champ, next. McGregor, though, doesn't seem to be all that interested in an Aldo rematch.

McGregor defeated Aldo to win the UFC featherweight title by knockout in just 13 seconds at UFC 194 back in December. Aldo bounced back to defeat Frankie Edgar to win the interim title at UFC 200 last month.

McGregor was present at that bout, even standing up and watching much of the fight from that position while everyone was sitting down around him. But McGregor made it seem like Friday on a UFC 202 media conference call that he was looking toward a fresh fight — one against Frankie Edgar.

"That was why I was there," McGregor said. "I wanted to see if this mother f*cker comes through this and can do what he's saying, well then it's on. But Aldo ended up taking that belt again."

McGregor, of course, will face Nate Diaz at UFC 202 on Aug. 20 in Las Vegas. That is a rematch of their epic UFC 196 main event from March when Diaz submitted McGregor with a rear-naked choke in the second round.

Diaz vs. McGregor 2 is where the money is. UFC 196 was the highest grossing UFC pay-per-view event of all time. Plus, McGregor took the first loss of his UFC career. So it's obvious why the sport's biggest draw wanted to revisit that bout.

What's next is a little less certain. Many fans have been calling for McGregor to go back to featherweight and defend his belt. These two Diaz fights are taking place in the welterweight division, two weight classes up from where McGregor is champ. The UFC will probably want that moonlighting at 170 pounds to be over after this. McGregor, though, doesn't sound too amped about a rematch with Aldo.

"I was scheduled to fight Aldo many times," McGregor said. "We had like a two-year media run, the whole thing. I spent so much time with that man and he pulled out. Then we finally got into it and it took me one shot to the crown to shut his lights out. So I don't know what he's thinking. Right now, I'm prepared for a war and that's that."

McGregor made it seem like a fight against Edgar to unify the 145-pound title was more attractive to him, especially since Edgar's coach Mark Henry had been calling him out.

"To see Aldo come back and win that fight against Frankie, I was happy for Aldo," McGregor said. "When you see a longtime champion get knocked out like that, the way I knocked him out, I said it then: I felt sorry for him a little bit. On top of that, Frankie's team, they were all talking sh*t. That fat coach ( that holds mitts, he was talking a lot. He's still talking sh*t."

Aldo beat Edgar, though, and those plans are currently dashed. One option that McGregor seems to like is a third fight with Diaz, if he beats Diaz at UFC 202.

"One-hundred percent," McGregor said of a Diaz trilogy. "Of course. Maybe not straight away. But most certainly this will be a trilogy fight. Me and the boy have something and it ain't finished yet."

It probably won't be in two weeks, either. After that, it's anybody's guess what is next for McGregor and Diaz, too, for that matter.

"I haven't really spoken to anyone about what's next," McGregor said. "Who knows what's next? Right now, we're 15 days away from a war and I'm ready for a war. So that's all I'm thinking of right now. Let's have this war."

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