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Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones: Despite this week's events, 'I would fight him'

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When the UFC 200 main event of Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones fell out this week, it marked the third time in four attempts that a planned fight between the only two men to hold the UFC light heavyweight title over the past five years didn't make it to the cage.

Yet, despite what seems like a snakebitten fight -- and despite the fact Jones' failed drug test is the latest in a long string of incidents for the former champ -- Cormier says that at the end of the day, he'd still accept another fight date with Jones if offered.

"I would have to, I honestly say I would fight him," Cormier said on FOX Sports 1 Friday. "I could say ‘he has to earn' ... I would fight him. I'm not going to sit here and pretend."

This is in large part due to the fact Jones won the fight the only time they met, a unanimous decision at UFC 182. That doesn't sit well with the competitor in Cormier, who went undefeated at heavyweight before going down to light heavyweight and defeating everyone else in his path besides Jones.

"It's a legacy fight," said Cormier, who will instead fight the legendary Anderson Silva in a non-title bout on Saturday night in Las Vegas. "It's one that I, I'm a realist. I want to get back the fight that I lost. Right now I'll have to wait for that."

In the meantime, despite the wide range of emotions Cormier experienced this week due to circumstances out of control, he's resisting the urge to moralize against Jones.

"He went out there in a very emotionally charged press conference and he adamantly denied taking anything knowingly," Cormier said. "I have to take things at face value right now, I can't make any determination what and how it makes me feel until I know the full spectrum of what went on."

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