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WSOF 32 predictions

Photo via WSOF

WSOF goes head-to-head with the UFC, this time featuring one of their brighter stars in their bantamweight champion. The card also features some of the organization's more notable names and

WhatWSOF 32: Moraes vs. Hill

Where: Xfinity Arena, Everett, Washington

When: Saturday, the eight-fight preliminary card streams live on MMA Fighting at 7 p.m. ET and the four-fight main card goes live on NBC at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Marlon Moraes vs. Josh Hill

Hill's actually a really good fighter. This one could be a lot closer than many expect even though Hill put up a respectable effort against Moraes the first time they fought. Still, if Moraes is able to either shut down Hill's wrestling or his own, this is his fight to lose. In addition, I'm still of the belief Moraes is a more polished striker capable of operating at a wider range of distances than Hill. This could be close at times, but ultimately Moraes should be able to distance himself from the second-best bantamweight in that division.

Pick: Moraes

Alexandre Almeida vs. Lance Palmer

Palmer's first go-round with Almeida was not his best effort, but even then, there was arguably a bit of a judging issue. That aside, Almeida was able to effectively strike from distance, keeping Palmer circling and then getting away from his own attempts at landing anything. However, he also faded and Palmer was able to secure takedowns and top position, especially in the last round. The question here is whether Palmer can close the distance effectively this time. If he can get close enough, the takedown is there, but I really wonder if that's going to be even as available as it was the first time. Almeida's takedown defense is at least pretty good, not even counting the other parts of his offense. The real x-factor here is whether his cardio will hold up. I don't know that it will, but like last time, I'm expecting a strong effort before it fades.

Pick: Almeida

Caros Fodor vs. Phoenix Jones

Fodor is the somewhat undersized of the two naturally, but he's the more technically refined. For what it's worth, it also appears that Jones is the angrier of the two. I expect Fodor to work a lot from the clinch, wear down Jones and grind either along the fence or top position en route to a decision victory.

Pick: Fodor

Phil Hawes vs. Louis Taylor

Hawes has to be careful here. Taylor takes risks that often begin with heavy exchanges in the pocket followed by jump guillotines. Hawes has the tools to win and physically dominate Taylor, but he needs to be disciplined about any entries into range with a shot or behind the jab. As the bout wears on, Taylor's risk taking becomes less of an issue, but early on, this one could be interesting.

Pick: Hawes

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