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Mark Hunt calls Brock Lesnar a ‘f*cking hypocrite' for criticizing Jon Jones

The irony of Brock Lesnar criticizing Jon Jones for failing a UFC 200 drug test has not been lost on Mark Hunt.

Lesnar called Jones "unprofessional" earlier this month at UFC 200's open workouts for failing a random drug test ahead of the July 9 event. The WWE superstar went on to defeat Hunt via unanimous decision at UFC 200, however controversy erupted after it was revealed that Lesnar failed not one, but two USADA drug tests for the same banned substance as Jones (hydroxy-clomiphene) prior to the fight.

"It just makes me laugh, because that's how he won his world title," Hunt said of Lesnar on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "He stuck a needle in his poo-shoot and that's how he won his title. People say, ‘oh Mark, it doesn't help you.' Well then if it doesn't help you, why do it? You're that scared of losing? I mean, shucks, it's funny that one cheater calls out another cheater, says ‘oh man, that's really unprofessional.' What the hell does that make you?

"He's a f*cking hypocrite, and the sad thing about it is these companies are not doing anything about it. Me saying these things, trying to form a union, all of this, at the end of the day we've all got to make sacrifices, and my [career] is coming up to the end soon. I don't give a rat's ass about working in the UFC anymore because they don't do anything about. They don't do nothing about it. So all of these kids listening to this, watching this, you're wasting your time trying to get into these companies because they don't give a rat's about you. They'll just throw you under the bus."

Hunt stated several times in the lead-up to UFC 200 that he believed Brock Lesnar was on performance enhancing drugs, even taking the UFC task for waiving its four-month testing window generally required of fighters returning to the promotion.

With his suspicion now validated by Lesnar's two failed tests, Hunt rallied against the UFC in an explosive interview on The MMA Hour, threatening to pursue legal action and never fight for the promotion again unless the UFC takes a harsher stance against Lesnar.

"Assuming someone is on the gear and getting told that this is a fair sport is totally different than knowing," Hunt said. "I'm always going to say I'm going to knock someone out. I don't care if he's doing this or that, I'll knock your face off. I say it all the time, I don't give a rat's.

"And then ... everyone throws me under the bus? Well you know what, mother*ckers? F*ck you. You can all kiss my ass. These f*cking cheaters should f*cking go and die. Die in a fire."

Hunt's frustration is exacerbated due to the fact that this is the third time he has fought a UFC opponent who ended up testing positive in drug tests that were administered close to fight night.

In 2013, Antonio Silva popped for elevated levels of testosterone in a post-fight drug screening after fighting to a majority draw against Hunt in one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all-time. Less than three years later, Frank Mir tested positive for anabolic steroid metabolites in a test administered the day before his UFC Fight Night 85 loss to Hunt.

"I reached out to Dana (White), I've asked what's going on. And you know, they're not doing a damn thing," Hunt said. "And the sad thing about it, like I said, is I'm asking because this is not just a first offense. This is the third time I've had to (fight someone who pops in a drug test).

"To be honest about the fight, I'm not even sore about the (Lesnar) loss. Every loss I take, I've accepted and I move on. With that loss, it was just one of those things. I gave credit to Brock after the fight when I lost, but when I found out this sh*t, there was nothing special about him. At the end of the day he out-wrestled me and put me down and won the fight. I have no problem with that. But if you did it by cheating, then you shouldn't get any praises or anything.

"They even gave him my spot, my No. 8 spot. I mean, shucks, you're going to give a cheater a f*cking spot? It's ridiculous. What the hell? There's nothing special about him. For someone who is using so much gear, there's no way he could even finish me? If I was gearing like him, his head would've come off. I would've punched his head through the whole freaking Octagon. This is ridiculous."

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