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Urijah Faber wonders if PEDs will eventually lead to 'attempted murder' charge

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When the news broke Friday of Brock Lesnar's potential out-of-competition USADA violation -- which was followed by Tuesday's news of his UFC 200 in-competition drug test failure -- Lesnar's opponent, Mark Hunt, was none too happy.

Hunt, after all, had absorbed a 10-8 beating in the third round of his loss to Lesnar at UFC 200. The timing of the testing was such that even though Lesnar was tested out-of-competition, the results didn't come in until after the fact.

Urijah Faber, for his part, wonders what this all could mean going forward. Mixed martial arts is a dangerous pursuit, as "Cyborg" Santos' gruesome skull fracture over the weekend attests. While Faber isn't accusing Santos' opponent, Michael Page, of anything, the sheer scope of the injury, coming at a time when performance enhancing drugs figure prominently in the news, makes the former WEC featherweight champion wonder if the timing involved in these drug tests could lead to potential legal action.

"It puts things in perspective when you see Cyborg's head get crushed, his skull get crushed," Faber said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "The human body, certain individuals have certain abilities. Is there a legal attempted murder if you're using something like that, if you're using something potentially using to make yourself a weapon that's illegal, and you're going to crush somebody's skull. It's a weird thing, and there's a reason why we have rules in this sport to make sure something like that doesn't happen."

For his part, Faber has never failed a drug test in 14 years of competing at the highest levels. He's also been around long enough to know there are always going to be fighters looking to get around the system, no matter how stringent the testing becomes.

"The cheaters are going to find way to cheat over and over again," Faber said. "I've never been that guy that prides myself on that, I have a feeling of pride, I've never done anything like that and I know that guys, even though they've passed drug test and everything else, they don't have that same pride, some people. I'm not saying any names, but they know who they are."

At the end of the day, Faber can only take care of himself, and he wants to be able to look himself in the mirror without guilt.

"This is a sport to test yourself and to see where they stand up, and it's like a chick with fake lips, fake boobs, fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan, when she has a kid, the genetics aren't going to show any of that stuff. It's one of those things that you look at, where do you really stand up. I have a lot of pride in being a top contender in this sport, a world champion, I have 14 years in this sport, I'm 37, I feel amazing, and never have cheated. Everyone else? It is what it is."

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