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UFC on FOX 20 live blog: Holly Holm vs. Valentina Shevchenko

Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko battle in the UFC on FOX 20 main event Saturday.
Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko battle in the UFC on FOX 20 main event Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC on FOX 20 live blog for Holly Holm vs. Valentina Shevchenko, a bantamweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at United Center in Chicago, Ill.

Holm, who has won three of her four UFC fights, will face Shevchenko, who is 1-1 in the UFc, in the main event.

Check out the UFC on FOX 20 live blog below.

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Round 1: It's Shevchenko to the middle, and it's a feel out process. Shevchenko with an inside leg kick, and Holm on her bike, circles. Another space-keeping inside leg kick from Shevchenko. Oblique kick from Holm, who trains with one of that moves best practitioners, Jon Jones. A lot of respect so far. Nobody wanting to make mistakes. Counter right hook from Shevchenko lands, and again as Holm tries a knee to the body. A combo from Holm dropped Shevchenko! She bounces right back up, but there's Holm's prowess. Holm comes in with a combo backed by a superman punch. Nice variation from her so far, plenty of patience, too. Right hook from Shevchenko lands, and Holm waves a big head kick right by her temple. Holm comes in with a sequence, and Shevchenko takes her down from the clinch. Holm bounces back up on fence, and now posts Shevchenko along the links. Knees from Holm to the body, and those look vicious. She's landing some inside knees now, to Shevchenko's thighs. Round ends with them in the middle. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Holm, 10-9.

Round 2:
Holm to the middle. Ax kick attempt from Shevchenko misses, but man, there are threats all over. Holm again looking to get her legs rolling, and waves a kick up high. She still holds the center, as the crowd at the United Center begins to get restless. Now Shevchenko gets the clinch, and they muscle over to the cage wall, with Holm in the dominant position — she is strong. On the break, Shevchenko lands a nice shot that made Holly stumble a bit. Plenty of inside leg kicks from Shevchenko. Jabs coming in from Shevchenko, too. And as Holm throws a big right hand Shevchenko throws a spinning fist that was partially blocked. Will say this for Shevchenko, plenty of freelance. Left hand lands from Shevchenko, and she comes in again with a combo topped with a swift inside leg kick. She's working the lead leg of the boxer. Left hand from Shevchenko lands, too. Holm again looking for oblique kicks. And there after a leg kick from Holly Shevchenko tries the spinning fist. That was close to landing. Hook from Shevchenko. Narrow round. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Shevchenko, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Holm to center, and a right leg kick from Shevchenko lands. She's been keeping Holm at bay with those. There's another kick from her, this time capped with an overhand right. Holm standing in, though, and she lands in an exchange. Another spinning backfist misses from Shevchenko...barely. Shevchenko with a superman punch, but again Holm picks it up. Crazy exchanges, now, and Shevchenko takes Holm down. Mouthpiece is out, but action continues. Holm able to stand right back up. Some blood pouring out of Holm's eyebrow, as Shevchenko puts Holm on her back again. Wow. She now has her on fence, and Holm trying to scramble back up. Bad position for Holm, who isn't used to being in this spot. Crowd lets out a chorus of boos as Shevchenko is stalling on the top. Not a ton of action, but controlling Holm right there. Knees to the body, which don't have much behind them. Referee in no hurry to cave into crowd pressure. Now Shevchenko opens up with some space, and lands a couple of nice elbows. Holm bleeding, perhaps from a headbutt earlier. Round going to end with Shevchenko on the top, grinding away at Holm. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Shevchenko, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Shevchenko)

Round 4: High kick from Shevchenko, and Holm blasts her with a push kick. Holm showing some urgency, and Shevchenko lands an inside leg kick to take some of that spirit away. Great combo from Shevchenko, who nails Holly with a left hand on the out. She's more than holding her own in the stand-up game with Holm. They trade leg kicks. Holm now looking for openings, and Shevchenko times out yet another left hand on the entry. Shevchenko slowly picking the former champ apart. Holm feinting and looking for something big on Shevchenko's advances. Holm being met with frustration when they come together. Shevchenko tries for another takedown, but this time Holm spins out. As Holm tries a leg kick Shevchenko tries to take her down again, nothing doing, and when they break Holm lands a crafty body kick. Nice. Shevchenko lands a little top-hat action on Holm, a nice one-two. Technical round there, and Shevchenko doing more. MMA Fighting scores R4 for Shevchenko, 10-9 (39-37 overall for Shevchenko)

Round 5: Holm quick to center in what might be a crucial round for her. She might need to get a finish. Holm with a right hand that she rolls through, and Shevchenko lands a right jab. Superman punch from Shevchenko, and Holm seems a little perplexed. She takes it, and now a left hand. Holm being outboxed — and certainly out-kickboxed. Shevchenko has been the more accurate striker, and she's been controlling the distance. Another spinning back kick to the body from Shevchenko, as Holm pressures forward. Inside leg kick from Shevchenko, and now a wheel kick. It's slowly looking like Shevchenko is going to force Holm to do something spectacular. Holm moves in with a high kick, but Shevchenko is gone when the kick comes through. They trade rights. Each time Holm winds up Shevchenko is on her with a sally of blasts. Still, Holm gets a nice body kick. Spinning kick from Shevchenko and Holm push kicks her at the same time, gets the better of the sequence. Holm pressing forward now, sensing the fight slipping away, inside of a minute. Shevchenko still active in the counter-game, just lighting Holm up when they exchange. Big shots at the end, and that's the fight. Should belong to Shevchenko. MMA Fighting Shevchenko, 10-9 (49-46 overall for Shevchenko)

UFC on FOX 20 official results: Valentina Shevchenko def. Holly Holm via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46).

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