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Jose Aldo backtracks on spy comments

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jose Aldo told the media in Brazil that he had a spy inside Frankie Edgar’s training during UFC 200 fight week in Las Vegas, but backtracked his comments a day later.

Aldo said Wednesday that he didn’t throw as many kicks as he wanted during his unanimous decision win over Edgar because a spy told him that "The Answer" was ready to counter his leg kicks with takedowns. Asked twice if it was true or a joke, the interim featherweight champion doubled down.

On Thrusday, Aldo posted a statement on his Instagram page saying that he was just taking a jab at Conor McGregor, who claimed to have a spy in his camp in the past.

Guys now I've become invincible... Nobody can beat me and my spies... Sometimes we aren't taken seriously, and other times we joke around and get taken too seriously, so... let's clarify I've always fought fair. I got to the top through a lot of hard work- both mine and my team's. I am a principled person and fighter. My team is renowned for its development of tough, technical fighters but also for our collective character, and that's what we'll continue to be known for. I'd never do anything that goes against our principles. I fight clean, I fight fair, and I fight tough. When I talked about having spies in Edgar's camp, it was a reference to a comment Macgregor made before our fight. It was just a jab. Everyone knows you can't change up your entire strategy on fight week- of course Frankie's strategy was going to be everything that worked for him in our first fight- it was a no-brainer that he would try the same things. As to spies in camp, relax spies are just in your heads. I'm ready for anyone, no spies required.

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