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Mark Hunt asks for half of Brock Lesnar's purse or to be released from the UFC

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Mark Hunt wants some answers ... or else.

Upon hearing the news that Brock Lesnar, who defeated Hunt via unanimous decision at UFC 200 last week, had been notified by USADA of a potential anti-doping violation, stemming from a failure of an out-of-competition drug test on June 28, Hunt asked UFC officials for half of Lesnar's purse or else he would like to be released from his contract effective immediately. Hunt said the UFC has not yet responded to his request.

"The cheaters get a slap on the wrist and walk off," Hunt told MMA Fighting. "What penalty or deterrent is there to make them think twice? Nothing. And the [Nevada Athletic Commission], why should these [expletive] get anything? They are not the ones who had to fight with Lesnar or lose [to him]. I lost."

Hunt also told MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi that he was "not surprised" that Lesnar tested positive. He told Fox Sports Australia weeks before the fight even happened that he believed Lesnar was "juiced to the gills."

The UFC granted Lesnar an exemption from its rule that states a fighter coming out of retirement must inform USADA four months out so that fighter can be placed into the drug-testing pool. Lesnar last fought for the UFC in 2011 before last week. The UFC said that since it has been so long since he competed that he would not have to give USADA four-months notice.

This potentially marks the third time in less than three years that Hunt has fought someone who has been caught using a performance-enhancing drug. In Dec. 2013, Antonio Silva tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone after fighting Hunt to a five-round draw, and earlier this year, Frank Mir was notified by USADA of a potential PED violation after Hunt knocked him out in the first round of their fight in March.

According to the NAC, Lesnar's show money against Hunt was $2.5 million, however, he is expected to earn a lot more after the pay-per-view numbers were officially tallied.

It's unclear at this time what Lesnar tested positive for. USADA's policy is to not disclose the substance unless the athlete decides to.

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