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Brock Lesnar flagged by USADA for potential anti-doping violation

Brock Lesnar has been flagged by USADA.

The UFC released a statement Friday evening that Lesnar and the promotion had been notified by USADA of a potential Lesnar anti-doping violation. The potential violation comes from the failure of an out-of-competition drug test June 28, the release said.

The UFC said USADA received the testing results July 14 — five days after Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in his MMA return. The sample was tested at UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, a WADA-accredited lab.

USADA, as is its policy, did not release the name of the substance Lesnar tested positive for.

The UFC's anti-doping partner will conduct a full adjudication process before any sanction is levied. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) also has jurisdiction, because of the test's proximity to UFC 200 in Las Vegas.

Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE star, had not fought since 2011. The UFC waived the four-months notice an athlete is required to give before coming out of retirement to be placed in the USADA drug-testing pool, because Lesnar had been gone for so long.

Lesnar, 39, was tested by USADA eight times in the four weeks before UFC 200.

In a media conference call before the Hunt fight, Lesnar was asked about allegations of performance-enhancing drugs.

"I'm a white boy and I'm jacked — deal with it," Lesnar said.

The UFC 200 main event had to be scrapped three days before the event because Jon Jones tested positive for banned substances in an out-of-competition test. Daniel Cormier fought Anderson Silva instead. Jones is also awaiting the USADA adjudication process.

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