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Report: No signs of heart issues in Kimbo Slice's Bellator 149 medicals

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According to a published report, Kimbo Slice's Bellator 149 prefight medicals showed no signs of a heart condition.

Bellator officials told that Slice, who died of heart failure Monday at age 42, passed all his tests leading up to his infamous Feb. 19 fight against Dada 5000 in Houston, including physical exams, EKG, and EEG testing.

"If there was any sign that Kimbo was not healthy enough to fight, we would not have allowed him to fight," an unnamed Bellator official told TMZ. "All of [Slice's] physicals were passed" ... the [medical documents] are in the possession of the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation."

The TDLR has long been criticized as one of the most lax state combat sports commissions in the country. Slice won the bout via third-round TKO, but Dada 5000, real name Dhafir Harris nearly died in the aftermath, as he suffered cardiac arrest and needed to be revived.

Tuesday, it was reported Slice needed a heart transplant and was waiting to be transported to a Cleveland facility where he'd be put on a waiting list.

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