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UFC 199 undercard live blog: Ortega vs. Guida, more

Brian Ortega and Clay Guida headline the UFC 199 undercard Saturday night.
Brian Ortega and Clay Guida headline the UFC 199 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 199 undercard blog for the UFC 199 event at the The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. on Saturday night.

There will be eight fights on the UFC 199 undercard. Brian Ortega vs. Clay Guida, Beneil Dariush vs. James Vick, Jessica Penne vs. Jessica Andrade, Cole Miller vs. Alex Caceres, Sean Strickland vs. Tom Breese, Jonathan Wilson vs. Luiz Henrique da Silva, Kevin Casey vs. Elvis Mutapcic, and Polo Reyes vs. Dong Hyun Kim will be featured.

Check out the UFC 199 undercard live blog below.

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Polo Reyes vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: And here we go with the first fight of the night, Mexico's Polo Reyes vs. South Korea's Dong Hyun Kim. Both fighters meet in the center of the cage and begin to throw heavy punches. Kim tags Reyes with a left hook and follows up with a combination. He then clinches Reyes and presses him against the cage. Reyes now drops Kim with an elbow and follows him to the canvas. Reyes with top control tries to land ground and pound on Kim. Kim gets back up and both fighters begin swinging for the fences. What a fight!

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Reyes

Round 2: The second round starts and Kim looks to move forward. Both fighters stay in the center of the cage and trade punches. Reyes lands hard body shots, but Kim keeps moving forward. Reyes getting the better of the strikes, but Kim looks solid. Kim stuns Reyes and presses forward with straight punches. The momentum seems to be shifting towards Kim. Reyes tags Kim, but Kim intelligently shoots for a takedown and completes it. Kim's top control doesn't last long and Reyes gets up. Both fighters have a minute left and look exhausted. They keep trading punches and Reyes gets a takedown with 20 seconds left. Reyes stays on top for the remainder of the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Reyes.

Round 3: The final round starts for this action-packed fight. Again, Kim pushes the pace. Strikes are thrown, but nothing lands flush. Reyes gets hit with a low blow and the referee stops the fight. Reyes takes little time off and the fight resumes. Kim presses forward, and Reyes floors Kim with a straight left. Kim drops stiff to the canvas and Reyes follows up with two punches to secure the win.

Polo Reyes def. Dong Hyun Kim via third-round KO (1:52)

Kevin Casey vs. Elvis Mutapcic

Round 1: Both fighters meet in the center of the cage. Casey throws the first strike and hits Mutapcic with a strong leg kick. Mutapcic controls the center of the cage. Three minutes left. Casey shoots a double leg takedown, and achieves half guard. He keeps Mutapcic at half guard and lands a few body shots. Not much going on here. Casey just doing enough to avoid a stand up by the referee. Mutapcic not doing much to get off bottom. A minute left and Casey moves to side control. Crazy scramble, and Casey almost gets Mutapcic's back. Both fighters are now standing and trading punches for a few seconds before the bell rings.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Casey.

Round 2: The round starts and Mutapcic moves to the center of the cage. Both fighters land solid strike. A minute has passed. Mutapcic puts Casey in the muay thai clinch and lands a few knees. Casey fires back with a takedown and quickly achieves mount. He begins to land ground and pound on Mutapcic. Two minutes left and Casey looks for an arm triangle. The Bosnian fighter pushes off the cage with his feet and gets Casey off him. Casey engages again in the grappling and clinches Mutapcic against the cage. Both fighters land strikes from that position. Casey looks tired as Mutapcic lands knees to the body. The round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Casey.

Round 3: Again, Mutapcic begins the round by taking the center of the cage and pressing forward. Casey looks tired. Mutapcic presses Casey against the cage and lands a few knees. They break off and resume the striking battle. Mutapcic is getting the best out of the striking battle. The fight is stopped as Casey accidentally pokes Mutapcic in the right eye. Mutapcic takes a few seconds off and the round resumes. We're half way through the fight and Mutapcic seems to be winning the round, landing more strikes than Casey. Mutapcic landing decent single shots, but doesn't throw combinations. One minute left, and Mutapcic seems to be turning up the pressure. Mutapcic shoots for the takedown and mounts Casey. He finishes the round on top of Casey, landing heavy ground and pound.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mutapcic. Overall 29-28, Casey.

Kevin Casey vs. Elvis Mutapcic declared a majority draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

Jonathan Wilson vs. Luiz Henrique da Silva

Round 1: Undefeated light heavyweight prospects da Silva and Wilson move to the middle of the octagon and touch gloves. Wilson lands a heavy body kick on da Silva. They clinch and Wilson lands solid punches. da Silva answers back with a body kick and a few straight punches. da Silva moves forward, controlling the cage. da Silva keeps looking for the clinch, but Wilson does a good job at avoiding it. Two minutes left. Wilson connects an elbow and several straight punches. da Silva still controls the cage, moving forward most of the time.

MMA Fighting score the round 10-9, da Silva.

Round 2: The second round begins. da Silva lands a nice knee to the body from the clinch. Wilson turns on the pressure and connects on da Silva. da Silva answers back and cracks Wilson with an uppercut. He follows up with a nasty combination on Wilson. Wilson shoots and takes down da Silva. Not much time spent on the ground as da Silva gets back up. Wilson cracks da Silva and sends him to the canvas. da Silva takes hard punches, but sweeps Wilson. da Silva with solid top control, mounts Wilson and unleashes heavy ground and pound. Wilson looks to escape but isn't able to. The referee has no choice and stops the fight.

Luiz Henrique da Silva def. Jonathan Wilson via second-round TKO (4:11)

Sean Strickland vs. Tom Breese

Round 1: And here we go with the final fight of the Fight Pass prelims. Herb Dean is the referee for this fight. Strickland takes control of the octagon and dictates the action. Both fighters look sharp, but conservative. Strickland lands a nice combination Breese. Very technical fight here. Ten seconds left and Breese turns up the pressure, ending the round with a flashy combination.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Strickland.

Round 2: The second round begins, and Strickland pressures Breese. Strickland connects on Breese, making him back up. Both fighters clinch and trade punches. They break off, and striking battle resumes. Strickland and Breese are both landing punches, but Strickland seems to be connecting more often. Half way through the fight. Breese turns up the pressure on Strickland, but not for long. Strickland with a nice jab. Two minutes left. Strickland has control of the center of the cage. Breese throws a super man punch and misses. Both fighters keeping the fight very technical. Final ten seconds and both fighters trade punches. The bell rings and the crowd boos.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9, Strickland.

Round 3: The final round starts. Strickland again with the pressure. Single shots thrown by both fighters. Breese initiates the clinch, and they break off almost immediately. Very close fight here, but Strickland seems to have edge due to octagon control. A minute and a half left. Strickland with a nice jab. Breese shoots for the takedown and gets Strickland to the canvas. Strickland explodes up and gets on his feet. Strickland pressures and tags Breese. Soon after, Breese shoots for another takedown, but Strickland defends well. Breese rolls to his back and Strickland ends the round on top.

MMA Fighting scores the fight 10-9, Strickland, 30-27 overall.

Sean Strickland def. Tom Breese by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Cole Miller vs. Alex Caceres

Round 1: The fight begins, and Caceres pushes forward immediately. Big left hand clips Miller 20 seconds in! Miller recovers immediately, bounces to his feet, and initiates the clinch. The takedown is complete for Miller, and he's working from half guard. Caceres scrambles back to his feet. Miller clinches again, takes Caceres'  back, and drags him to the mat. Caceres rolls and ends up on top. Miller kicks him off, and they return to the feet to strike it out. Each guy is coming up short on his strikes. Now a left high kick lands for Caceres, followed by a straight left that pushes Miller against the cage. Huge right uppercut lands for Caceres, followed by another left. Miller was clearly stunned. Caceres looks sharp and quick on the feet. Now Miller initiates another clinch, attempts a knee, but Caceres catches it and takes him down. Caceres stands up. Another takedown for "Bruce Leeroy." Miller attempts a kneebar, but Caceres easily escapes and returns to the feet. The round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Caceres.

Round 2: Caceres opens up Round 2 with a big kick. Straight left to a right outside leg kick for Caceres. Two huge lefts land for Caceres and Miller turns his back. Caceres swarms but lays off, recognizing there was nothing there. Caceres dumps Miller on his back easily but doesn't engage in the ground fight. Miller tries to pull guard but fails. Left body kick lands for Caceres, followed by a straight left. Another easy trip for Caceres. He's rag-dolling Miller every time they clinch. Again, he backs up to strike it out instead. Superman punch lands for Caceres. He's absolutely piecing MIller up. Anything and everything is landing. Credit to Miller on staying upright. There's a straight right for Miller, his most significant strike of the fight. One minute to go in Round 2. Caceres closes the round in control, dictating the distance and pace with a variety of kicks.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Caceres.

Round 3: Mike Goldberg reminds us that Caceres took this fight on 10 days' notice, which is appropriate, because he looks outstanding thus far. Big head kick lands early in Round 3, followed by a takedown. this time, he does engage Miller on the ground but is easily bucked off. They return to their feet. Left hook, left head kick combo lands for Caceres. Miller scores a takedown and transitions to take Caceres' back. He's too high, it appears, and it looks like he'll slide off. Caceres is out, but Miller transitions to the armbar. It's close! Caceres defends, and Miller transitions to a triangle. Caceres is out again, and he stands up! The crowd is loving this, and so am I. That was a fantastic grappling exchange. They now clinch against the cage but quickly separate. Left hand lands for Miller, and he's backing Caceres up for the first time tonight. Miller works the fight back to the ground, and a brief scramble ensues. Miller winds up in half guard. He takes Caceres' back, looking for the choke. Caceres is turning well to avoid, and he's out of trouble. Miller still on top hammering away, but the bell sounds, and the fight is over.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Miller, 29-28, Caceres overall.

Official result: Alex Caceres def. Cole Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Jessica Penne vs. Jessica Andrade

Round 1: Andrade forces Penne against the cage immediately and starts teeing off. Bombs landing, but Penne stands strong. They return to the center of the cage. Penne throws a front kick but comes up empty. Andrade again bullrushes Penne to the cage. They clinch. Penne scores with a knee, Andrade with a big elbow. Penne appears hurt from the clinchwork from Andrade. They break and return to the center, but Andrade again works the fight to the fence and chucks heavy leather. Seems to be a theme here. Penne attempts a takedown, but it's stuffed, and she eats a big shot for her troubles. Body, body, head lands for Andrade. Inside leg kick followed by more punches lands for Andrade. Penne fires back with a nice combo of her own. Andrade swarms in the final 10 seconds, and Penne is hurt! Body shots drop Penne right as the bell sounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Andrade

Round 2: Penne starts Round 2 more aggressively, moving well. Andrade backs her up against the cage again. They split. Deja vu runs strong in this one. Andrade is clipping Penne consistently with her bullrushes. Penne just can't avoid the swarm. Andrade looks like a mini Wanderlei Silva, according to Joe Rogan, and I'm inclined to agree. This has been nothing but a beatdown. She's aggressive and powerful, and Penne just can't do anything about it. More punishing shots along the cage, pure Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne. That'll do it. Penne is still standing, but the referee calls it, and it's the right decision. Penne was getting blasted.

Official result: Jessica Andrade def. Jessica Penne via TKO (punches) (2:56, Round 2)

Beneil Dariush vs. James Vick

Round 1: Vick looking light on his feet early, looking for the front kick repeatedly. Nothing there. Vick pokes Dariush in the eye, prompting a brief stoppage. Back to the action. Vick attempts a flying knee, and Dariush clips him mid-air. Dariush moves in with a kick and a follow-up left hand. Another eye poke. Oh, boy. Vick's claiming he got poked, too, but the fight continues. Dariush with a powerful body kick. Vick goes high with a kick, but Dariush catches him with a left hook and drops him. Solid ground-and-pound from Dariush. Vick stands and eats a huge left. He's wobbly, but they're now clinched against the cage. Vick can recover here. Another left finds its home for Dariush. Dariush looking for the takedown, but Vick defends well. Still clinching, little happening here. They separate, and Dariush hurts Vick again. This is close to being over. Dariush is absolutely crushing Vick, and there it is! Vick collapses to the canvas, and it's over. A massive left hook sealed the deal.

Official result: Beneil Dariush def. James Vick via KO (punch) ( , Round 1)

Brian Ortega vs. Clay Guida

Round 1: Herb Dean is in control of this featured prelim. The bout begins, and they immediately begin circling. One minute in, and Ortega gets clipped. He falls but bounces right back to his feet. Solid shot there from Guida. He's patient – or as patient as Guida can be – and he continues to move well to look for the right opportunity to pounce. Ortega looks fully recovered. Big overhand right lands for Guida. There's the takedown attempt from "The Carpenter." Ortega defends the single with his back to the cage. They break. Overhand right to left hook lands solidly for Guida. He looks great so far, dictating the pace and the pressure. Ortega gets clipped again, and Guida swarms along the cage. He wisely backs off once nothing else scores flush. Ten seconds to go. Rogan says that, upon watching a replay, it was an eyepoke that caused the most recent retreat from Ortega. Interesting. The round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Guida.

Round 2: We're underway with Round 2. Ortega finally opens up and pushes forward with a jab followed by a right straight. Guida shoots for a takedown, but it's stuffed. Right straight lands for Guida. Guida bouncing around like usual. Left body kick lands for Ortega, followed by a left uppercut. Left hook to the body scores for Guida. He charges forward but nothing lands. Jab, jab, right lands for Ortega, but Guida eats it well. Another kick to the body finds its mark for Ortega. He's clearly picking it up a bit, and Guida isn't quite as effective this round. Guida fakes the takedown and goes high with his hands. Stiff jab lands for Guida. Ortega wings a massive uppercut that misses. Left leg kick lands for Guida, but he's greeted with a solid left hook from Ortega. Another takedown attempt fails from Guida. Guida lands two rights in a row. Jab for Guida. Ortega pumps a jab of his own but misses repeatedly. Ortega now pushes Guida to the fence. They break immediately. Spinning back kick to the body to end the round from Ortega, and Guida jogs to his corner, where he continues to bounce around.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Guida

Round 3: The final round begins, and if the judges think like us, Ortega needs a finish here to secure the victory. Ortega looks fresh, bobbing his head and pushing forward aggressively. Guida matches him with the movement, smartly circling away and avoiding any attack. One minute down. There's a whole lot of movement but nothing else so far. Uppercut lands for Ortega. Guida with the overhand right. Left hook for Guida lands. Two minutes down. Guida meets Ortega with a right as he moves in. Nice timing there. Halfway through the round. Ortega sits on a straight right, and it lands. Guida is super energetic still, classic Clay. Ortega advances with punches, but Guida avoids any punishment. The uppercut lands again for Ortega. Another spinning back kick lands for Ortega, and Guida answers with an overhand right. One minute to go. They trade lefts. And again. Ortega revving it up as the end approaches. Flying knee scores. He attempts another, but it misses. Thirty seconds left, and Ortega is going all in. Big knee crumples Guida, and it is over! Oh my goodness. He needed that, and he got it. Amazing. Huge knockout victory for Ortega. Guida grappled with Herb Dean for a moment, not realizing what happened. This sport is nuts.

Official result: Brian Ortega def. Clay Guida via knockout (knee) (4:40, Round 3)

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