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Urijah Faber doesn't believe bout with Dominick Cruz will be his last UFC title fight

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TORRANCE, Calif. -- Every time Urijah Faber gets a title shot, the question returns: Is this his last chance?

When Faber meets Dominick Cruz's for the latter's UFC bantamweight title on Saturday night in Inglewood, Calif., it will mark the sixth time since losing the WEC featherweight belt since 2009 that he's gotten a shot at a world title, including UFC and WEC championships, and a UFC interim belt.

He's gone 0-5 in those fights. But he's also gone 11-1 in non-title fights during that same span, which, coupled with his drawing power as the biggest star of the lower weight classes until Conor McGregor hit the scene, enabled him to get more title chances than most.

Still, Faber's not willing to entertain the notion that if he loses to Cruz in the co-main event of UFC 199 on Saturday, it would mark the last time he ever got a title shot.

"People say the weirdest things," Faber said at Wednesday UFC 199 open workouts. "If someone gets into the Super Bowl, should they stop trying to get back into the Super Bowl? You gotta be kidding me."

Faber has been competing long enough to know that you never say never, and that you never know what sort of opportunities are going to come around.

"I've been at this sport 13 years," Faber said. "People want to see me fight all sorts of people out there. You know how many times people say that? And there's a story to every win and every loss. Dominick hasn't fought one of the guys I've lost to. Zero. I've had twice as many fights, there's a lot that needs to happen still."

And anyway, Faber believes that come Saturday night, this entire point will be moot.

"There's a fight this weekend," he said. "I'm going to get the strap."

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