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Matt Mitrione vents on 'arrogant d*ck' Travis Browne as commission case drags on

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- It appears Matt Mitrione's grievance with the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission will finally be settled soon. But not after yet another delay.

Several months ago, Mitrione appealed his TKO loss to Travis Browne in Boston on Jan. 17 in Boston, alleging serious breaches of professionalism by referee Gary Forman.

Mitrione's hearing is now scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, after a miscommunication led to another postponement this week.

"There was a confusion in the setup where they sent me a certified letter, they said it would be on [June] 2nd," Mitrione said. "I sent them an e-mail two weeks ago where I told them I couldn't do it, I had professional and personal things to deal with. Couldn't do it. Didn't hear back from them at all."

After a follow-up went unanswered, Mitrione claims he finally heard back right before the scheduled start time.

"I sent them another e-mail two days ago confirming, saying, ‘I never heard back on this, should I be prepared for this or not?' Never heard from them. They called me an hour before like hey we're going to have the meeting today. I was like, what? How does that make sense. They weren't prepared either, so they had to reschedule it."

Mitrione is eager to get on with his career, particularly with his Bellator debut against Carl Seumanutafa on tap for June 24 in St. Louis. But he remains annoyed with Browne, whom Mitrione claims is making the hearing a difficult process.

"He's such an arrogant d*ck, It's remarkable," Mitrione said. "I fight June 24th. Here it was originally going to be rescheduled for June 20th. That means I am going to be doing my hearing in my fight hotel. And this f*cking arrogant d*ck is like "I fight July 9 and that's way too close to my fight. I'm like, you f*cking pompous d*ck, you don't realize that? What are you going to say? You poked me in the eyes. You don't even belong on this phone call."

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