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Morning Report: Carlos Condit open to return for Robbie Lawler or Nick Diaz rematches, ready to step in should Tyron Woodley get hurt

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit is still uncertain of returning to MMA but would be happy to step in on short notice to UFC 201 if needed.

Carlos Condit isn't coming back just yet but his list of possible fights is growing.

On Tuesday, the former UFC interim welterweight champion posted a video on his Instagram of him hitting pads with the caption "One more..." leaving many to speculate that Condit was ready to return to the octagon once again. Yesterday, Condit went on The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Rush to address the post and if/when he would return.

"It was actually, I had done a post right before I posted that one so it was like, ‘okay, one more post.' So yeah, I guess you guys are looking deeper into that than was really there...As far as whether I'm gonna do another fight or not I feel like it's up in the air. I'm leaning towards yes, possibly but it has to be something that really piques my attention."

Condit has not fought since January when he lost a highly disputed split decision to welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. After the fight Condit admitted to considering retirement from the sport and has since been adamant that the only fight he would be interested in returning for would be an immediate rematch with Robbie Lawler. The immediate rematch obviously won't be happening as Lawler is scheduled to defend his belt against Tyron Woodley at UFC 201; however, now there is another name that stirs Condit's interest.

"Really, honestly a rematch with Lawler without a doubt. Possibly a rematch with [Nick] Diaz. Two scenarios that I can think of that would interest me."

Condit and Diaz fought for the interim welterweight title back in 2012 with Condit taking a unanimous decision. Since then a rematch between the two has been talked about several times with Diaz turning the bout down and Condit showing little enthusiasm in it. Condit's newfound interest in the rematch is good news for fans who don't want to see "The Natural Born Killer" retire just yet.

As far as why he is reluctant to return, Condit maintains that is isn't for lack of desire but because of the brutal toll the fight game takes on its competitors.

"It's not that I don't want to keep going. I still love fighting. I still have a passion for it; I still have a lot of fire. The question is whether it's the smartest thing for me to keep going. I've fought professionally - it'll be 14 years now in the fall I guess and that's a lot of wear and tear, that's a lot of wars in the cage, in the ring, and in the gym. I've just got to start thinking about the future. I'm still undecided as far as what that entails but I've got to be smart for the long term.

"I think it’s common knowledge that getting punched in the head repeatedly for over a decade is probably not a good thing, probably not good for your health. "

Condit's intelligent consideration of the ramifications of his profession is a rarity, especially in a day where fans (myself included) are clamoring for 46 year old Dan Henderson to dive once more into the breach.  A return by Condit means re-entering into arguably the deepest division in the UFC, populated by a high density of heavy hitters. Condit has one of the best chins in the history of MMA but eventually everyone's fades and Condit has been in a healthy number of wars to chip away at his. Hanging up the gloves may be the best decision for his long term future.

Whether he will though remains to be seen. The cage has a way of luring fighters back into it (see Lesnar, Brock). But if he does return Condit says it won't be until next year, with one caveat.

"I don't think it would be until next year. I've got some stuff going on between now, and the end of the year, that I probably won't have time to be in a training camp. Early next year possibly, but I'm in shape. If Tyron Woodley or Robbie Lawler get hurt, I'm ready to jump in there and fight for the title again if need be. But as far as a scheduled fight it wouldn't be until next year."

Good to know the UFC has a dynamite backup plan should Woodley get injured.

You can listen to a clip of the interview below and the full interview on SiriusXM on demand, where Condit picks MacDonald to beat Thompson and says he is unsure if Lawler will beat Woodley because of the wear and tear he has taken the past few years.




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I said I wasn't going to make this an every day thing and I won't but I figured I'd throw a quick one here because I want to and it's relevant to the main so if you aren't into an op-ed, just ease on down to the poll.

I've recently taken to calling Carlos Condit the UFC welterweight champion. I understand that this is not accurate. It's a joke meant to reference the fact that Condit got screwed against Lawler at 195. This is the part where people scream, "He didn't get screwed! It was a close fight!"  Yes, it was close but the fact is, 15 of 20 journalists according to MMADecisions scored the fight for Condit with 2 scoring it a draw and only 3 giving Lawler the win. It was a very close fight but when 75% of people think you won and then you lose, that's a little thing called getting screwed.

Now this isn't to disparage Robert Glenn Lawler who is one of the hardest men to ever walk into the cage. But I have been beating the drum that Carlos Condit is the best welterweight on the planet since the day Georges St. Pierre retired and I have yet to be convinced that I'm wrong. The only reason Condit doesn't get more love is because of MMA's inane insistence that only title fights and main events should be 5 round. Grown ass adults should be fighting 5, 5's especially when it is between two top ten fighters with title implications.

Anyway, since his WEC days, Condit's losses are:

- A questionable split decision to Martin Kampmann he has since brutally avenged (also, 3 rounds)

- the GSP loss

- the Hendricks loss which was 3 rounds and in which Condit was surging late. 2 more rounds and Condit is gonna win that one (IMO)

- the blown out knee to Tyron Woodley

- the bad decision to Lawler.

Looking at that above list, are there any of those fights you wouldn't favor Condit in in a rematch? Right this instant, in a 5 round fight, is there a single welterweight on the planet that you would or should favor over Condit? I sure wouldn't. Condit has the greatest chin in the history of MMA, unending cardio, hits like a truck on steroids (IN NO WAY AM I SAYING HE HAS DONE PEDS), is an elite finisher, and he gets better the longer he fights. But for some bad luck he would be starting to assemble a record that would have more people talking about him in the all-time great conversation. If, in some weird ass fantasy world scenario, your life depended on you choosing one welterweight in the world to win a fight, who would you pick? I'm picking Condit and I feel great about my chances at survival.

Robbie Lawler is absolutely the welterweight champion of the world and a darn good one. But Carlos Condit is the best welterweight in the world. Feel free to discuss and/or deride me.


If you find something you'd like to see in the Morning Report, just hit me up on Twitter @JedKMeshew and let me know about it. Until tomorrow M-Rmy, be easy.

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